From July 4th 2020 The British Acupuncture Council have given accredited members permission to start Careful Practice. Treatment is undertaken with PPE and disinfecting the clinic between patients. This means I can see all my patients with assessment of their needs, so will be glad to welcome my patients back and I will look after you with great care

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After sustaining an injury whilst at work I discovered acupuncture . . .

Hannah Charles - Five Element Acupuncture Practitioner

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Neck Pain and Tension

Acupressure for Neck Pain and Tension I am aware that many of my patients who come for acupuncture have neck pain and tension, in this

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Stress Help with Acupressure

Coronavirus Stress and Acupressure We are living in extraordinary times, where some are confined to their homes, others doing vital work facing the danger every

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Immune System and Acupuncture

Your immune system is your body’s security detail — the cells, tissues and organs that comprise it help repel foreign invaders like bacteria, parasites and other microbes that

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World Sleep Day 2020

World sleep day is designed to raise awareness of sleep as a human privilege that is often compromised by habits of modern life. World Sleep

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