From July 4th 2020 The British Acupuncture Council have given accredited members permission to start Careful Practice. Treatment is undertaken with PPE and disinfecting the clinic between patients. This means I can see all my patients with assessment of their needs, so will be glad to welcome my patients back and I will look after you with great care

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After sustaining an injury whilst at work I discovered acupuncture . . .

Hannah Charles - Five Element Acupuncture Practitioner

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The Five Elements in You

FIRE  EARTH  METAL  WATER WOOD The core of your personality affects how you interact with the world around you, how you assess each situation in

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Earth Day 2020 Climate Action

Happy Earth Day  The Theme for Earth Day 2020 is climate action. The enormous challenge but also the vast opportunities of action on climate change have distinguished

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Immune System and Jing

In these times of COVOD19 we need to be aware of the delicacy of our immune systems and our inner strength. In Traditional Five Element

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