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We are all made up of the Five Elements Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood.​

  • Traditional Five Element Acupuncture is an ancient form of treatment of Qi (energy)
  • caring for each person at the levels of body, mind and spirit
  • we all have five pairings of organs emotions sounds smells and colours which aids the acupuncturist in diagnosis
  • the pulse taken in each wrist assists the acupuncturist assess the imbalance through the meridian pathways
  • the meridian system is similar to rivers and seas through each person’s system
  •  blockages occur in these on the levels of body mind and spirit causing illness (dis-ease)
  • each person has an element which is the basis of diagnosis and treatment – the causative factor
  • we are made up of all the elements and they need to flow in harmony with each other
  • fine needles stimulate the Qi enabling healing within each of us to help find this harmony
  • leading to recovery or improvement of many conditions

The characteristics of the elements are

Fire Element


summer joy laughing scouched red relaxed and open warmth, the capacity to love and to be loved enables us to mature and blossom and its function is to help us relate we find our passion, our ability to feel joy in all our endeavours organs and meridians; heart, small intestine, heart protector and triple heater

Earth Element


late summer sympathy singing fragrant yellow a time of harvesting
nurture ourselves and others with compassion feeling connected to give and receive sympathy without losing our own centre organs and meridians; stomach and spleen.

Metal Element


autumn grief weep rotten sense of quality and self worth look at what lies beyond ourselves and the power to let go ability to feel loss and grief, with peace to move on organs and meridians; lung and colon

Water Element


Winter fear groaning blue
stillness pausing in time to regenerate and gather strength holding our identity, sense of self power to adapt and the will and drives to fulfil the potential
fear of non-existence gives us the impetus
organs and meridians; bladder and kidneys.


spring anger shouting green
rising up with vision and determination
realise the plan of growth and renewal
structure and flexibility to create our lives
hope and optimism, overcoming obstacles
organs and meridians; liver and gall bladder

Five Element Acupuncture