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COVID Burnout

COVID Burnout

To Quote In The Gaudian this week quoted – ‘Thousands of UK doctors are planning to quit the NHS after the Covid pandemic because they are exhausted by their workloads and worried about their mental

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Fertility Acupuncture 3

Yin and Yang   One of the beautiful concepts of Traditional Five Element Acupuncture is that of Yin and Yang, helping to live life in balance. Each of the Five Elements has Yin and Yang within

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Fertility Acupuncture 2

Traditional Five Element acupuncture a 3000-year-old system, is an integrative approach that offers tools to help prepare your Body, Mind and Emotions, and can help you with your Fertility.  Traditional  Chuang Tzu, a defining figure

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New Year Care

Traditional Five Element Acupuncture – Caring for Yourself – Through Every Season of the year and your life. Traditional Five Element Acupuncture sees you as a garden; something that needs to be tended and nurtured.

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