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Lockdown 2021, Winter and Vaccines

Lockdown 2021, Winter and Vaccines

Many people are struggling with the latest Lockdown for COVID, hoping we would be back too normal by now, though it appears that ‘normal’ appears to be a long way off. For some being apart

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Autumn, COVID, Grief and Fear

As we move into Autumn and the COVID situation increases, the emotion of the Metal Element Grief is prominent also the emotion of Water (Winter Element) Fear creeps upon our World all somewhat overwhelming.  The

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World Mental Health Day 2020

World Mental Health Day 2020 is the most important one yet. This year has been a tough one for us all. The months of lockdown and loss have had a huge impact on our mental

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Blog Anxiety Acupuncture

Let’s talk about… Anxiety and acupuncture

Written by the Brtitish Acupuncture Council (BAcC) team While occasional feelings of anxiety are a normal part of healthy life, for anyone who suffers from chronic anxiety, the extent, severity and experiences are entirely different.

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