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The Wood Element   We are here again in Spring a year down the line from the beginning of the COVID situation.  Spring in the Traditional Five Element System is associated with the Wood Element with

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Southwell Acupuncture Celebrates Spring

Spring, Wood and Acupuncture

The Element Related to Spring is Wood The season of Spring is that of the Wood Element. It’s a time when Nature puts on a rapid growth spurt, shooting upwards, vigorous and unstoppable. The seeds

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Acupuncture Spring Wood

The Wood Element is a powerful energetic presence and represents the transition between the resignation of Winter when the Yin is surrendering to the birth of Spring and the beginning of Yang, the time of

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The Wood Element – Spring

The Wood Element – Spring We are all made up of the five elements within our Body, Mind and Spirit though we all  have one or two of the elements that we relate to more

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