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Fertility and Acupuncture 2

Fertility and Acupuncture 2

Traditional Five Element acupuncture a 3000-year-old system, is an integrative approach that offers tools to help prepare your Body, Mind and Emotions, and can help you with your Fertility.  Traditional  Chuang Tzu, a defining figure

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Fertility Acupuncture 1

Life is all about balance. But if you are in the midst of a fertility journey, then you know all too well that life doesn’t feel like it is flowing. Wanting a baby is a biological drive.

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Gratitude Hope

Gratitude and Hope

How Gratitude Plays A Role In The Longevity Of Hope In Japan, According To A New Report Okinawa, an island southwest of Japan’s main landmass, is known as a Blue Zone—a longevity hotspot, a place where

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Looking After your Immune System

During this time of COVID we need to look at improving the Immune System, because if your Immune System is stronger you can fight off  virus’s better and if you do get COVID being able

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