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Acupressure self-care: a kind approach for mental health in COVID Times

Acupuncture To Treat Your Migraine

Your Migraine When you get Migraine’s you know it is not just a headache! I have treated many patients over my 26 years in practice who have described Migraines in many different ways. Every patient

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Summer Solstice Day - Southwell Acupuncture Blog

Summer Solstice Energy

Yin, Yang and Qi June 21st is Summer Solstice mid Summers Night. As seasonal energies go, this is really the pinnacle of Summer Energy (Qi). Consider Yin – Dark, Feminine, Contracting, Earth, Inward and Yang

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Face to Face Treatment

COVID Safe Treatment For I year now I have been practicing Face to Face Treatment with my Acupuncture patients in a COVID safe environment. I had to close my practice from March 20th 2020 to

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