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The Autumn Equinox and The Metal Element  

Late Summer – The Earth Element

Late Summer – The Season of Nourishment Late Summer is the time of Harvest bringing in all the Nourishment of the work put in through the year. You always know when September is on the

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Stress, Emotions and Acupuncture

Your Whole System Traditional Five Element Acupuncture treats the whole system in Body, Mind and Spirit, interacting to find Health and Wellbeing. When your system is stressed your emotions are a major part of this

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Summer Solstice Day - Southwell Acupuncture Blog

Summer Solstice Energy

Yin, Yang and Qi June 21st is Summer Solstice mid Summers Night. As seasonal energies go, this is really the pinnacle of Summer Energy (Qi). Consider Yin – Dark, Feminine, Contracting, Earth, Inward and Yang

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