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Mindfulness Meditation To Ease Pain  

Summer Solstice – Seasonal Acupuncture

Yin, Yang, Qi and Elements June 21st is Summer Solstice, mid Summers Night. As seasonal energies go, this is really the pinnacle of Summer Energy (Qi) Yang. Yang – Light, Masculine, Expansive, Space, Outward, Active  Qi.

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Stress Can Effect Your Health

Stress can Effect Your Health In my practice over the last few years, I have seen more patients becoming ill because they are Stressed and Anxious. Outside influences such as COVID, Brexit and now the

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Power of Water

The Water Element and Winter

“The highest good is like Water. Water is good at benefiting the ten thousand things, and yet does not contend with them. It dwells in places the multitudes detest, therefore, it is close to the

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