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During the current 2021 COVID-19 LOCKDOWN The British Acupuncture Council have given members permission to perform Acupuncture. Please click on information to read more about attending the clinic for your appointment

Looking After your Immune System

Looking After your Immune System

During this time of COVID we need to look at improving the Immune System, because if your Immune System is stronger you can fight off  virus’s better and if you do get COVID being able

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Weaker Immunity in Winter

I am glad to say that Traditional Acupuncture now has found its way to being essential when it comes to COVID rules so whether it is Lockdown or Tier systems I am OPEN to treat

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Mindfulness: Living in the Moment

During these trying times, we need to stay kind, stay calm, stay safe, and take good care of ourselves and each other. During a pandemic like this, our capacity to stay calm, present, and compassionate

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Southwell Acupuncture Blog - See through Your Fog

Seeing Through the Fog

I was out walking last week in the Fog and it reminded me how oppressive it can be as well as magical, but also that may be how many other people are feeling too –

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