Acupuncture Case Studies

Acupuncture Case Studies

Treating Complex Conditions

During Acupuncture Awareness Week, British Acupunture Council members were asked to share their case studies on treating common and complex conditions.

Within my Traditional Five element Acupuncture practice I treat a combination of common and complex conditions, as discussed in the case studies below.

Individual Treatment

You may say how can you be an expert in such a diverse collection of conditions? This is because each patient may be suffering from a named western medical condition, though each person has a different experience of this depending on may factors, such as age, emotional make up, the environment they live in, relationships and support systems, previous health and personal history and treatments, the positive or negative outlook on life and their constitutional make up.

Constitutional Make Up

Your constitutional make up is the underlying treatment principle of Traditional Five Element Acupuncture. We all are made up of all The Five elements FIRE, EARTH, METAL, WATER AND WOOD. These all explain your constitution and how you respond life and health. We all have what is called either a Guardian Element (ref Nora Franglen) or Causative Factor (ref JR Worsley) This Element is your strength but also can be your weakness. Your acupuncturist will evaluate and treat this Element to bring balance to your system, to gain equilibrium of all the Five Elements for your Qi (vital energy) to flow with grace, for health and wellbeing. Each person has different level of this and your acupunctuist can help you find this

Your Element

For more information about your Element please check this page on my website

BAcC Case Studies

Below are the case studies that The British Acumen cure Council collated, presenting real-world examples of how acupuncture has helped patients.

Chief complaintKeywordsFact sheet on chief complaint
AnxietyIrritable bowel syndrome (IBS), needle phobia, disordered eating
Bell’s PalsyFacial paralysis, eye disorders, muscle impairment, temporary weakness
Cancer treatment-related symptomsBreast cancer, neutropenia
FibromyalgiaChronic pain
InfertilityEmotional wellbeing during TTC, geriatric pregnancy
Injury traumaBattlefield Acupuncture (BFA)
Lower back pain & arm injuryLower back pain, arm trauma from injury
MobilityGeneral pain, wellbeing
Rheumatoid arthritisMuscle pain, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), insomnia, mouth ulcers, anxiety, lethargy
ShinglesIrritable bowel syndrome (IBS), reflux, neuralgia
Tension headachesBattlefield Acupuncture (BFA)

Evidence A-Z

Browse our fact sheets, produced to provide accurate and unbiased general information for a variety of conditions.

View fact sheets

Acupuncture Treatment 

Hannah is A Member of the British Acupuncture Council (MBAcC)

The British Acupuncture Council is committed to ensuring that all patients receive the highest standard of professional care during their acupuncture treatment. Our Code of Professional Conduct governs ethical and professional behaviour, while the Code of Safe Practice sets benchmark standards for best practice in acupuncture. All BAcC members are bound by these codes.

All members are accountable to the BAcC for their professional behaviour and the codes are rigorously enforced.

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Five Element Acupuncture
Five Element Acupuncture

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