Cycles of Life

Cycles of Life

Cycle of Life
While we are on earth, we are all human beings in different phases of our lives and soul development.

Each Phase Precious
As we walk through the world, the people we encounter appear so different from one another. We see babies, old men, pregnant women, and teenage boys. We know couples on the verge of marriage and lonely widows. We interact with toddlers and the terminally ill. As different as each person seems, they are all living the human experience. They are just at different places in the cycle that begins with birth and ends with death. Every phase of the cycle of life has its gifts and its challenges. Each stage is temporary and ultimately gives way to a new phase. This ephemeral quality makes each phase precious, because it will never last.

Each end of Life
One of the wonderful qualities possessed by babies and young children is that they are unaware that a cycle of life even exists. They simply are present to wherever they happen to be right now, and they don’t give much thought to the past or future. Being around them reminds us of the joy that comes from living fully in the moment. On the opposite end of life’s cycle are our elderly role models. They are a reminder that each phase of life should be treasured. Time does pass, and we all change and grow older.

Wisdom from Experience
Being aware of the cycle of life and our place in it makes us wiser. As we develop a true appreciation for the phase we are in, we can savour it more. A new mother going through a difficult time with her infant can more easily embrace her challenges because she knows that her child will grow up, and she will long for this time again.

Engage with Life
Difficult and challenging periods are inevitable, but – like everything that is a part of the cycle of life they are temporary. When we are fully engaged with life, we get to savour and grow from each phase, and we are ready for the next one when it arrives. Fully embracing wherever you are in the cycle of life is the very essence to happiness.

From Lovely examples of the cycles of life that are all around and often forgotten

Acupuncture and Cycles
Traditional Five Element Acupuncture is all about cycles, the Five Elements Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood all need to find a way to work to find balance within your Body Mind And Spirit to bring harmony and heath to your system as a whole. To see more about the Five Elements see –

Acupuncture Treatment
For information about how Traditional Five Element Acupuncture treats you and your Cycles contact Hannah on ;-

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The British Acupuncture Council is committed to ensuring that all patients receive the highest standard of professional care during their acupuncture treatment. Our Code of Professional Conduct governs ethical and professional behaviour, while the Code of Safe Practice sets benchmark standards for best practice in acupuncture. All BAcC members are bound by these codes. All members are accountable to the BAcC for their professional behaviour and the codes are rigorously enforced. For more information contact;  

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