Menopause and Five Element Theory 

Menopause and Five Element Theory 

Menopause and Five Element Theory 

Lets Talk about Wuxing

The Five Element Theory, wuxing, phases are fundamental concepts in the practice of Acupuncture.

Wuxing was a philosophy during the Hung dynasty in China (202BC-220AD) a method of describing natural processes, and now a integral part of modern day acupuncture practice.

Guardian Element

We all have all the elements within our make-up. One Element which is our strength, personality, our make up and can be our weakness, this can be referred to as your Gaudian Element or Causative Factor, you may have two more that we relate to also.

The Five Elements relate to seasons, to life, flow, interconnection and balance, acupuncture treatment can bring health and wellness within your system.

Feminine Phases

The five phases of feminine life are: – 

Wood – Birth to puberty – rapid changes: independence 

Fire – Adolescence to late 20’s – personal expression: passion

Earth – 20’s to late 40’s – Emotional stability: more see below 

Metal – 50’s to mid 60’s – Speaking one’s truth: refinement

Water – 65 years onwards – Wisdom: fear: inflexibility

Menopause: Earth 

Therefore, perimenopause and menopause fall into the Earth phase of life. 

A time where a woman can feel confidence, find emotional stability, have good relationships, find stability, enjoy family, find commitment and independence, have a good relationship with the past and future, find loyalty in self and others. 

Or the opposite! With difficult relationships, lack of confidence, instability in life, family and career, emotional instability, loss of family roles and relationships, unsure about future and past, loss of independence and commitment to self and others. 

Holistic Treatment

The Five Element system of Acupuncture can provide a treatment framework that aims to rectify imbalances in your system on all levels holistically in Body, Mind and Spirit. Therefore, alleviating multiple issues simultaneously by caring for your whole system at this transitional time.

 The Five Elements in You  

The Five Elements exist in nature and you:-

  • Wood is associated with the exuberance of new growth as it shoots up from the earth in the spring. Wood governs change, to know when to advance and when to retreat, helps you envisage the future, prevents you getting stuck, exerting personal choices. The emotion is Anger, supressed anger, frustration. 
  • Fire is associated with the process of maturation that takes place under the warmth of the summer sun. Giving you the expression of individuality, to feel loved and loveable, help connection with others, personal expression, inner calm and stability. The motion is Joy or lack of Joy.
  • Earth is associated with ripening of grains in the yellow fields of late summer. Balance of looking after yourself and others, changing roles as a mother, relationship with food, creating, generating, developing, and communicating, emotional stability. The emotion is Sympathy or lack of and worry.
  • Metal is associated with the harvest of autumn and the storage of seed for next year’s planting and a new cycle. Connecting with value, relationship with sadness and Greif, ability to let go of what does not serve you, mastery. The emotion is Greif, holding on and letting go.
  • Water is associated with the potential of new life hidden in the dark ground beneath the snows of winter. Houses your willpower, wisdom, ability to feel safe and trusting, inherited energy. The emotion is Fear or lack of looking for danger. 

For more information about the Five Elements in you see my webpage and find your element -Personality:-

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  Acupuncture Treatment

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Acupuncture Five Elements
Acupuncture Five Elements

The above diagram shows the connection of the Elements and how they interact with one another.

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