Pain and Acupuncture

Pain and Acupuncture

Your Pain

Each person experiences pain in a different way. This depends on the type of pain, the situation pain occurs in, the emotional make up of the person in pain, the fear or worry that is connected with the pain. If your pain has just appeared or been building over time, and if the pain affecting your daily living activities this can affect how the pain is.

Traditional Diagnosis

Each patient who comes into my clinic when pain is the issue is listened to and assessed as to what their individual needs are. In Traditional Five Element Acupuncture treatment we call this the Traditional Diagnosis to understand how each person functions and relates to life.

Taking a full history of how and when pain started, what investigations they have had and any past history of pain. Understanding how your pain affects different aspects of your life such as work, caring for self and other, mobility, sleep, appetite, effect on relationships, digestion – appetite and diet. How your body is functioning – waterworks, bowel movements, skin and muscle health. Also if you are taking any medication and any other health issues.

If the pain is chronic there is a history and story behind the pain, at my practice I put great importance in listening to gain an understanding of how the pain affects each individual person.

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We also discuss the emotions related to pain as this can affect recovery and management . There can be anger and frustration, fear and anxiety, loosing the joy in life, rejection of self and others, worry about recovery and management of pain, grief at a loss of ability to do things the enjoy and that are essential to life. Emotions can make pain worse and pain can make emotions worse, Traditional Five Element Acupuncture aims to treat these cycles.

Acupuncture Treatment and Pain

Traditional Five Element Acupuncture treats your whole system therefore treats the area of the pain and other acupoints in your body to treat the flow of vital energy Qi to restore your equilibrium, to reduce and at times alleviate the pain, stagnation and inflammation.

Chronic Pain

When there is Chronic pain issues and Fibromyalgia, Traditional Five Element Acupuncture treats with your whole system, calming the nervous system, reducing inflammation and balancing the emotions.

Treatment of Pain at Southwell Acupuncture Clinic

Over the many years I have been treating a patients with Traditional Five Element Acupuncture with many types of pain and seen many patients do very well from many pains. Nerve pain – Trigeminal neuralgia, Sciatica, Peripheral neuropathy, from degeneration in the vertebra degeneration of muscles and tendons and more. Treatment of injuries from sport and life, after accidents and incedents. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, pre and post operative pain. Pain after cancer treatment,scar tissue release and many more.. Treating you and your pain.

I have seen many patients life turned around with Traditional Five Element Acupuncture treatment. As a chronic pain sufferer and past injury sufferer I know acupuncture can help.

Treatment With Hannah

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Member of the British Acupuncture Council (MBAcC)

Hannah Charles Lic Ac MBAcC is a founder member of the British Acupuncture Council, believes that safe and professional Traditional Acupuncture is a priority. Treating each patient safely, holistically and individually with the background of research and evidence of effectiveness.

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