Migraines Acupuncture Helps

Migraines Acupuncture Helps

Migraine not a Headache

If you are a Migraine sufferer you know it is not just a headache! Over my years in practice I have treated many patients who have described Migraines in many different ways. Each patient I meet has a different experience of Migraine. This is why Traditional Five Element Acupuncture is such an effective way to treat your Migraine, as we treat each person as a whole, understanding the root cause, not just the problem.

Why do You get a Migraine

There are many different reasons why each person gets Migraine 

these may be:

  • hormone imbalance
  • stress
  • fatigue
  • insomnia
  • certain foods and additives
  • family history
  • anxiety
  • emotional upheaval
  • medications and contraceptives
  • environmental factors
  • age related
  • Unknown causes
  • Exacerbation of Migrains from Menppause and COVID

Your Migraine can be caused by one or many factors.

Traditional Five Element Acupuncture Diagnosis for Your Migraine

  • When you come for Traditional Five Element Acupuncture at the first appointment which is 1 ½ hours long, your Acupuncturist will ask about your whole system
  • Stating with medical history and any medications and supplements taken and what treatment you are presently having.
  • Asking how does Migraine affect you – when, how often, how long, after effects, where is the pain, does it change, any triggers and more
  • Note is taken of any other health issues both emotional and physical
  • Acupuncture diagnosis considers your diet, sleep, stressers, movement and exercise, relationships, work, family, family medical history, living situation, digestion and elimination, allergies, fluid and alcohol intake, hobbies, work life balance.
  • Asking and listening to each patient to find what is relevant to your Migraine
  • From this your treatment planned

Acupuncture Process

  • When you start to have Traditional Five Element Acupuncture treatment, at your first appointment as well as history taken you will start treatment too
  • After it is advisable to have about six treatments close together, though this can differ as to how you respond to treatment
  • Ideally then it is good to look at having treatments spaced out at about four to six weeks as a maintenance treatment to keep you well
  • Migraine is a chronic pain issue and care needed
  • Traditional Five Element Acupuncture is a preventative treatment to keep you well, as a whole as well as keeping your Migraines away
  • If you have other issues causing you problems these will be addressed during you treatment because we treat the person rather than just the symptoms

Acupuncture Treatment

Member of The British Acupuncture Council (MBAcC)

Hannah is a founder member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC)

The BAcC  advocate on behalf of Traditional Acupuncture professionals and maintain the highest professional standards to protect the general public. We provide our members with a wide range of services to facilitate their practice and we also act for the traditional acupuncture profession as a whole:

  • Expanding awareness of traditional acupuncture and how it works
  • Representing the interests of fully qualified traditional acupuncturists
  • Establishing and maintaining the highest professional standards of practice for acupuncture in the UK
  • Overseeing and accrediting acupuncture education to ensure excellence in training
  • Funding evidence-based clinical research on the benefits of traditional acupuncture
  • Promoting evidence-based research to the public, the media and other healthcare providers
  • Promoting integrated healthcare and contributing to the development of national healthcare policy

For more information check out BAcC Website: https://acupuncture.org.uk/

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