Winter – Time to Be Still 

Winter – Time to Be Still 

Transition to Winter

Autumn has transitioned out and we’ve arrived in Winter and the peak of Yin energy in Traditional Five Element Acupuncture. 

After the rapid growth of Spring, the fun and business of Summer, and the letting go of the Autumn, we’ve done a lot of work over the year. Winter is a time to reset and restore yourself. 

Winter Yin

Yin energy is dark, cooling, restful, restorative, and water-like. Yin energy is at its strongest from the shortest day of the year December 21st.

Mindful with our Energy 

Winter’s natural energy is downward which encourages us to slow down and be mindful of how we use our energy. 


Another theme of Winter is storage. Think about the Winter food stores we used to have to accumulate with canning, preserving, storing fruit and vegetables and more. In the past we would carefully conserve them to make sure we have enough to make it through until Spring. 

We need to store and preserve out energy in Winter to. 

Less Light

Energy expenditure during the Winter is very precious because the environment isn’t refilling us naturally like in the Spring and Summer, with less light available to us. We all need periods of rest and downtime.


One of the best ways to embrace Winter energy is to make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Try for 8hrs at the minimum. Most people do well with 8-10 hours and women typically need 30-60 more minutes of sleep than men. Sleep is the fastest way to recover and heal, and that’s what Winter is asking us to do. 

Making time

If you make time to take care of yourself and embrace the energy of Winter and live more in tune with the season, will positively impact your health and mood.


Traditional Five Element Acupuncture treats in tune with the seasons therefore a great treatment to help your energy and live in in tone with the Seasons. For information and Treatment contact Hannah on;-

Self Care

Another lovely way to care for yourself and embrace Winter, a fellow acupuncturist is running a course to help you embrace each season ;-

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