Menopause Naturally

Menopause Naturally

Menopause Affects Over 5 million women

Menopause and Peri menopause affects over 5 million women every day. That’s a huge percentage of women – silently suffering. From sleeplessness, hot flushes, fatigue, poor concentration, brain fog, anxiety, palpitations, heavy bleeding, aches and pains, exhaustion, sexual and emotional problems, and many many other symptoms.

Three-quarters of women say that the menopause caused them to change their lives and over half say it had a negative impact on their lives.

Menopause Major Transition time

Menopause is a major time of transition in a woman’s life. Traditional Five Element Acupuncture can treat and support you in understanding the physical and emotional symptoms you are feeling. To help you to create a self-care programme, alongside your treatment that suits your lifestyle and work with you to take conscious action to overcome and manage your menopause. 

Menopause Deficiency of Yin

Menopause as a natural occurrence and transition, though it can be hard work to do! Menopause symptoms are made worse by a deficiency of Yin. In modern life we deplete Yin by work, stress, grief, giving birth, taking care of others, illness and just general day to day living. This means that your body is not as efficient at balancing your natural rhythms of cooling, calming, moistening, leaving us with symptoms such as irritation, hot flushes, anxiety, highly emotional states,dryness, not sleeping and generally feeling out of balance and not quite ourselves.

What is Yin Deficiency?

What is deficiency of Yin? We are made up of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements. We aim to balance all the Five Elements to work in tune with each other, each Element has to have a balance of Yin and Yang functioning together. Life and Menopause come along and throw this balance out. Therefore Traditional Five Element Acupuncture can help you regain this balance.

Treating You as an Individual

Although in general terms the main principal of treatment within Menopausal transition is to nourish Yin. Traditional Five Element Acupuncture does not treat any two people alike, your acupuncturist will take your medical and emotional history, recognising how you are feeling. Making a diagnosis individual  to you, assessing the balance of the Five Elements, Yin and Yang and how you respond to your personal environment. For more information about the Five Elements and how they affect you see page on my website :-

Gentle and Effective

Acupuncture is a gentle, natural, and effective way to deal with menopause. Acupuncture balances menopausal symptoms, balancing hormones, reducing hot flushes, insomnia, heightened emotions, and irritability. By inducing better sleep and helping with the balance of life, Traditional Five Element Acupuncture will improve your quality of life and inspire you to take a positive perspective on the changes happening in your life.


Traditional Five Element Acupuncture can treat as a stand alone therapy or along side other therapies such as HRT, counselling, other therapies or medications. Giving a patient centred service.

If you are considering taking HRT please get good advice from a Menopause Specilalist – of which we do have in Nottinghamshire

Acupuncture Treatment

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