Acupuncture for 27 Years

Acupuncture for 27 Years

Wow 27 years!

This month I celebrate that I have run my own practice as a Traditional Five Element Acupuncturist for 27 years and still love what I do. I am one of the lucky people who has a career that is satisfying, fulfilling, successful and helps so many people.

Acupuncture Turned my Life Around

Traditional Five Element Acupuncture has been in my life for over 30 years after a chance conversation when I had injured my back at work. A friend commented that racehorses had acupuncture to help them recover and race again, as a runner this sparked an interest in me. Traditional Five Element Acupuncture healed my back pain and my Pre-Menstrual syndrome was turned around. Then the rest is history!

Caring in a New or Old Way 

As an Enrolled Nurse working in the NHS I had a good understanding of how the body worked and methods to care for people, when they were sick. When I started my training as Traditional Five Element Acupuncturist, I realised there was a distinctly different way to care for patients. This ancient therapy helps patients with their health on all levels of Body, Mind and Spirit. I could see that you could treat each person as an individual to give the care and treatment they need.

Ancient Medicine in a Morden World

Traditional Five Element Acupuncture is thousands of years old, used in the East for many generations. Much of my study was based on the theory from – The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine provides the historical and philosophical foundations of this practice. 

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine is an ancient account on health and disease said to have been written by the famous Chinese emperor Huangdi around 2600 BC. However, Huangdi is a semi-mythical figure, and the book probably dates from later, around 300 BC and may be a compilation of the writings of several authors.

The College I trained at was begun by Professor JR Worsley in Warwickshire who studied in China and Japan bringing back his teachings to the UK in the 1970’s. His knowledge was past on to his family and students in their thousands who continue to learn and teach today.

More Than Needles 

The important fact that must be remembered when a patient is treated with Traditional Acupuncture it is so much more than needles. A full history is obtained, and each patients situation is cared for their individual needs. At each treatment the patient is listened to and cared for and treatment given for how they are on that day and for their future health. There are many diagnostic methods to understand each person and their needs. This is not dry needling or trigger point therapy, much more understanding of the system is needed for Traditional Acupuncture.


Each time a needle is inserted the vital energy – Qi within the patient is affected on all levels of Body, Mind and Spirit. Patients do come with symptoms and western diagnoses and Acupuncture helps these and helps prevent future problems.

Who comes for Acupuncture? 

Many people for many conditions for more information please see ;-


Acupuncturist who have trained in Traditional Acupuncture train for at least 3 years to degree level and continue to learn and grow with more teachings throughout their career. I am a member of the The British Acupuncture Council with has strict guidelines for training and professional standards. For more information please see;-


I love what I do and inspired every day by how Traditional Five Element Acupuncture changes peoples lives, for more information about how acupuncture can help you contact Hannah on ;-

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