Christmas Calm

Christmas Calm

Take Care at Christmas

  • Christmas can be a time of joy with meaningful times of coming together with family and friends.
  • Though it can be a time of frantic organisation, and rushing from one place to another.
  • There can be stressful relationships and mixed emotions causing anxiety.
  • Christmas for some may be a desperately lonely time, as you may not be able to see family and friends for many reasons.
  •  In all these situations it is important to take care of yourself

Give yourself Space – if Christmas a Busy Time

  • Take time each day to yourself – to give yourself some self care
  • Even if it is just five minutes to pause and take some deep breaths
  • Find a time in the day where you can be alone – have a place of sanctuary
  • Go outside – have a walk breath in the clear winter air – wrap up well

Be organised

  • Plan your time – so you don’t get overwhelmed
  • Make sure you have bought everything you need
  • Write lists if that helps you
  • Delegate tasks to others

Self Care

  • Self-care is not selfish
  • Self-care is important – for a healthy Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Do things for yourself as well as others
  • Remember to book in your Acupuncture appointment for January –

Alone at Christmas

  • When you are unable to see family and friends – be kind to yourself
  • There are many reasons why families and friends cannot be together
  • Dysfunctional relationships always feel harder at Christmas
  • Find ways to speak to people who really do care about you
  • Buy yourself a gift – self care is not selfish

Listen to Your Body

  • Do try not to overindulge – stop when you are full or just before
  • If you feel tired try to stop – take a nap
  • Try to say No
  • Be gentle with your body and respect it

Have Acupuncture

  • Take time for yourself after Christmas, care for yourself by treating yourself to Traditional Five Element Acupuncture
  • With Traditional Five Element Acupuncture the underlying principle of treatment is that illness, pain and disease occur when the body’s Qi, (vital energy) cannot flow freely
  • Treatment is designed to affect your whole system, so as the underlying imbalance improves, the original condition improves, other health problems may resolve with an increased overall feeling of wellbeing


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