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Acupuncture Meridians

Acupuncture Meridians

Acupuncture Meridians Southwell Acupuncture

Acupuncture Meridians

What are Meridians

In the ancient Tradition of Five Element Acupuncture, we not only have a physical body, we also have an energetic or subtle body. This subtle body is made up of meridians or channels. These meridians act as pathways where Qi – our vital energy flows. The meridians vary in size and importance, comprising of an invisible web like structure that connects all organs and systems. This system is said to transmit information related to every process in the Body, Mind and Spirit.

How do the meridians work?

The meridian system can be compared to a complex system of waterways. First,there are the main channels. Then, those channels slowly move into smaller and finer internal pathways. These channels flow from one another without disconnection. Meridians are related to elements in the body, corresponding organs, and emotional states.

In Traditional Five Element Acupuncture the meridian system is made up of twelve main meridians and eight extraordinary meridians.Within those extraordinary meridians are the two central channels, which control and feed the twelve that connect to the organs.

How does Acupuncture work?

The Qi flows within the meridians, resembling rivers and seas – blockages occur. These are caused by many aspects of life within the Body, Mind and Spirit. Such as illness, disease, depression, childbirth, abuse, operations, accidents, environmental elements, stress, life in general and many more. Qi permeates everything fluids, lymph, blood, organs, and bone.

Acupuncture Points

Acupuncture or acupressure points are located at small depressions called gates along the meridians. Through accessing these points an acupuncturist affects the flow of Qi and blood and is able to communicate with the internal organs within the meridian system.

The Five Elements

Each of the Twelve Meridians connect to an organ within the system of the Five Elements – each Meridian and Organ belong to an Element.

Fire –   Heart and Small Intestine (2 extra that are not organs Heart Protector or Pericardium and Triple heater)

Earth – Spleen and Spleen

Metal – Lungs and Colon

Water – Kidneysand Bladder

Wood – Liver and Gallbladder

There are two more Meridians Called the Conception Vessel or Ren and Governor Vessel or Du. Which form part of the 8 extra Meridians – where the theory gets more in depth and complicated!

Organ And Meridian connections

It’s important to remember though, that while a disease in a particular Organ can manifest as a problem in its corresponding Meridian. A meridian can also have a blockage or deficiency without any involvement of the physical organ itself.The most obvious example of this is a physical injury to a muscle or bone that doesn’t have any correlation with a deeper internal organ imbalance, though there could be a connection from physical injury to deeper level. This is why an in depth history is always taken when a patient come for Traditional Five Element Acupuncture, to discover the imbalance within their Medians, organs and connect this to the Five Elements.

Complexities and Training

Meridian theory within Traditional Five Element Acupuncture can be complex, this is why Acupuncture training is three years long to degree standard and learning continues. This ancient therapy and developed over thousands of years and treats the person rather than individual disease or injury. You are a whole of Body, Mind and Spirit all interconnected, your health is affected by your past and your present. For more information about training and professional membership please see website for The British Acupuncture Council ;-


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