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The Autumn Equinox and The Metal Element  

The Autumn Equinox and The Metal Element  

The Autumn Equinox and  The Metal Element  

The Autumnal Equinox, is the moment in the year when the Sun is exactly above the equator and day and night are of equal length, making the end of Summer and beginning of Autumn. This is the time to move from Yang energy, high activity and cool foods to more inward, Yin energy, self-care and a warming, nourishing diet. In Traditional Five Element Acupuncture Autumn corresponds to the Metal Element..

Focus Inwards

The Autumn Equinox, is a time to pause, and to look back on how far we have come this year, on what we have achieved. As the Suns power wanes, the nights draw in, the days get colder, we focus our attention inwards once more. The darker days of Autumn signal a time to start to weigh up the things we need to let go of, and to start the process again of re-evaluating ourselves, our lives, our needs.

Cycle of Seasons

Each year is a Cycle of Seasons, time is not linear, we are continuing on our spiral, of growth, of knowing that nothing stays the same. We continually have new opportunities to sow seeds, start plans, reap and harvest and release the things we no longer need. The Five Elements are all related to a Season and Acupuncture treatment is about keeping the cycle of the elements flowing. Each Season and Element has qualities – the Metal Element and Autumn are Letting go, Reflection, Clarity and Grief

Letting Go

Letting go means that we can also make way for taking in the new. If we can’t let go of the past, or of what no longer serves us we cannot take in and we cannot continue to grow and thrive. 


Autumn and the Element of Metal is a time take time to reflect on the year, on what you have achieved, what has been good, and what has been not so good. To prepare for the coming of Winter and build your immune system.


Appreciate the preciousness of the moment, the Metal element gives you the Clarity to see the good things in life. With precision and a meticulous attention to detail.


For some the letting go of the late summer energies can be felt as strongly as Grief itself. In Autumn, leaves fall from trees, plants die back and the earth reabsorbs their energy.  It is obvious why some countries refer to autumn as the fall.  Autumn is a key transitional season and can be a challenging time depending on how you deal with knowing Winter is round the corner.  

The Metal Element

The Metal Element needs inspiration, respect, quality, self-worth and enrichment in order for it to flourish.


To help with the transition into Autumn and Winter and keep your whole system in good condition, to deal with the challenging Yin seasons – Tradition Five Element Acupuncture can be the way forward for you.


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