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Late Summer – The Earth Element

Late Summer – The Earth Element

Late Summer – The Season of Nourishment

Late Summer is the time of Harvest bringing in all the Nourishment of the work put in through the year. You always know when September is on the way as the black berry bushes get heavy with fruit, the harvest is being gathered, the days get chillier and the nights begin to draw in. There is also a hint of decay in the air, there are more golden leaves on the forest floor, and we are starting to crave a bit more slowness.

Centred and Grounded

Physically, energetically, and mentally, Late Summer is a time when life should be easy and we should aim for the middle path. Not always simple to achieve when this season can actually get quite busy. The Earth Element is also thought of as the centre, to be grounded.

The Earth Element

In Traditional Five Element Acupuncture the season of Late Summer is a distinct season. The Late Summer is connected to the Earth Element and is a short season marking the transition between Yang (Spring and Summer) and Yin (Autumn and Winter).

Stomach and Spleen

The organs of Earth Stomach and Spleen transform and transport our nourishment around your whole system to make Qi our Life Force. If the Earth Element struggles to nourish, often not able to receive and digest your food, emotions and environment you may feel tired, suffer from heaviness and dampness, have digestive problems, be anxious, worry and have sleep problems.

Qualities of Earth

Qualities of the Earth Element are Integrity, Intention, Clear Thought, Devotion, Cultivating True Purpose. When your Earth Element is out of balance the opposite of these can happen.

Digestion of Food and Thoughts

We don’t just digest food and drink, the Earth Element’s power is to receive and give out on all levels. To receive the seed/sperm and to yield, give birth, to grow, to provide a harvest which sustains life and through the ability to transform and transport Qi, food, body fluids, blood, lymph and emotions.

Self Care for the Earth Element

  • Create regular and consistent routines especially around cooking, mealtimes, and meal prep.
  • Use simple food combining, whole and nourishing  foods
  • Don’t take on too much or too quickly. The Earth Element thrives when you “digest” experience.
  • Process big events and changes through journaling or self-reflection.
  • Learn what nourishes you and do what nourishes you – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, spiritually.
  • Take care of yourself as well as others
  • Find a good home base
  • Find feelings of security and safety
  • Try to get regular sleep routines
  • Have patience with yourself and others especially in COVID times

The Five Elements

We have all the Five Elements within us though one is more dominant – our Causative Factor or Guardian Element which makes us who we are and how we respond to the world. For more information see Personality page on my website:-


If you relate to these feeling and manifestations some of the time or overpowered by them Traditional Five Element Acupuncture can help you gain strength and balance to move forward in life.


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