Back to School – Stress

Back to School – Stress

Back to School -Teachers, Parents and Student Stress

Students and teachers will be returning to school after a prolonged period of restrictions, returning to the large classrooms and crowded school corridors that used to be the norm. It isn’t normal anymore.

The pandemic has changed life for everybody to some degree. Teachers, used to push through crowds of teenagers in school corridors. Set up activities to get students moving in class without much thought about the health implications of being surrounded by so many people. Now those very same activities might fill students, teacher and parents with anxieties we never had to consider pre-pandemic. Let’s not imagine we can simply pretend the last eighteen months didn’t happen.

Have Some Patience

Everyone students, teachers, parents will have to go through a period of adjustment after being away from classmates, friends, teachers and the daily social interactions that come with that.

Patience is the key as everyone re-acclimates to being among people in real life again.

Just as adults are trying to figure out how to do that, we need to have some patience with how children are going come back and reconnect with their peers and reconnect with teachers. Learning how to sit in classrooms and just be present, just paying attention to something that’s not a screen, may be a challenge for some  children and teenagers.

Give yourself some Grace

The pandemic and its immeasurable effects have taken a toll on teachers, students, and parents in different ways, and everyone needs to keep that in mind in the coming year.

Give yourself some grace. We have all had a very challenging year. Parents It was not your job to make sure that your child had a truly excellent educational experience in the last 18 months. Whatever you did, let it be enough.

Thank  the Teachers

Teachers administrators, and support personnel have all been working double and triple time since last March., keeping children educated.

Parents should see their children’s teachers as allies and resources for help during the transition back to the classroom. Thank them for their work and support and continue as a team of parents and teachers.

Take Care of Yourself

In the transition to ‘Normal’ life remember to look after yourself – Traditional Five Element Acupuncture can be the path to finding your Life, Work and Family balance. To help you be stronger to deal with the anxieties of the changes as they challenge you. Traditional Five Element Acupuncture treats your whole system in Body, Mind and Spirit to give you the inner strength, deal with life as it happens.


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