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Stress, Emotions and Acupuncture

Stress, Emotions and Acupuncture

Your Whole System

Traditional Five Element Acupuncture treats the whole system in Body, Mind and Spirit, interacting to find Health and Wellbeing. When your system is stressed your emotions are a major part of this imbalance.

Treating Imbalance

With Traditional Five Element acupuncture emotions are recognized as a major influence on Illness, Disease and Health. Within Traditional Five Element Acupuncture practice, Emotions are related to each the Five Elements, these are related to organs and the web of channels which contain the vital energy – Qi. Traditional Five Element Acupuncture treats these imbalances with Needles and Moxibustion to renew to flow to balance Health and Wellbeing.

Emotions Effect on Health

When emotions are over pronounced for too long, are held inside, or are not expressed, it’s a sign of imbalance. Those imbalances can lead to disease and illness. Fear causes energy to sink or freeze, anger rises upward, over-excitement disperses energy, worry and overthinking cause sluggishness, and grief or sadness causes energy to deflate.

Fear -The Water Element

Fearis related to the Water Element, the Kidneys (Adrenals) and the Bladder.

The Water Element supports will power and houses our deep potential. When we over-tax our system, the Water Element becomes depleted, we lose connection to our highest values, and we experience Fear. When a person has this imbalance they constantly feel threatened and suspicious and can be hard or cold. This person may tend toward conditions like arthritis or deafness. 

Fear To Wisdom

We find harmony in the Water Element by balancing assertive action with nurturing self-care. Support the Water Element and counteract the emotion of Fear – to have Will, Courage, Power and Wisdom. Meditation can help calm Fear.

Anger -The Wood Element

Anger is related to the Wood Element, the Liver, and the Gallbladder.

The Wood Element supports direction and growth. If it gets stuck, vision is clouded and emotions don’t flow leading to frustration. When a person exhibits this kind of imbalance, they can get easily upset and frustrated. They may be dedicated & controlled, but when stress or obstacles build up they become volatile, tense, and explosive. This person may be more prone to ulcers and migraines.

Anger to Compassion

We find harmony in the Wood Element through directing and moving our energy constructively. Support the Wood Element and counteract anger with creativity, physical movement like dance, and taking action on issues you care about. To find Vision, Imagination, Direction and Benevolence.

Overexcitement -The Fire Element

Shock and over-excitement are related to the Fire Element, the Heart, Small Intestine, Triple Heater and the Pericardium.

The Fire Element is related to Joy, Consciousness and Happiness and is impacted when there’s too much stimulus or excitement. A person with this imbalance constantly seeks more activity, has a hard time with intimate relationships, and may not be able to find calm easily. This over-activity may cause heat which leads to concerns with insomnia or anxiety.

Over excitement to Peace

To support the Fire Element and cool the emotion of over-excitement, try a practice of 10 cycles of breath where you breathe through your nostrils and aim to lengthen the exhale. Try to find Inspiration, Insight, Awareness and Compassion.

Worry -The Earth Element

Worry is related to the Earth Element, the Spleen, and Stomach.

The Earth Element represents nourishment and digestion. When we over-consume, and our capacity to process input is overwhelmed. The Earth Element is affected and we experience worry and over-thinking. This person can be Nurturing, Dependable, have Clear Thought, with Integrity and Intention. They may also ruminate on thoughts over and over, be obsessive, stuck, or bored.

Worry To Grounding

We find harmony in the Earth Element by finding our inner sense of stability, nourishment, and grounding. To support the Earth Element and balance the emotion of worry, try journaling, spend time in nature, and seek the support and connection of others.

Greif – The Metal Element

Griefis related to the Metal Element the Lungs, and the Colon.

The Metal Element is related to grief and sadness. It’s concerned with taking in new inspiration and letting go of what no longer serves. When grief is overwhelming, and the Metal Element is out of balance, a person can insulate themselves. This type of person controls their environment to avoid pain and can become detached. This imbalance can manifest in lung disease, constipation and rigidity.

Greif to Integrity

We find harmony in the Metal Element by understanding the truth of impermanence. Support the Metal Element and lighten the emotion of grief, practice letting go during meditation, and incorporate movements that open the upper lungs. To find your Wit, Embodiment, Sensation and Appreciation in life.

Treatment to support Stress and Emotions

Look at these emotions and see which you can relate to. When you attend your first appointment for Traditional Five Element Acupuncture your whole system of health and wellbeing will be assessed to treat your emotions with your Body, Mind and Spirit to give the Holistic treatment your Emotions need.


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