COVID-19 Stage 4 19th July 2021

COVID-19 Stage 4 19th July 2021

COVID-19 Guidelines for Attending Treatment at Southwell Acupuncture Clinic in COVID-19 Stage 4 from 19th July 2021

Mask Wearing 

  • From July 19th 2021 COIVI-19 Step 4 there is no longer a legal requirement for you to wear face coverings, though it is advisable for you to wear a face covering in close contact services
  • Therefore, we encourage the use of face coverings by patients in close contact at our practice
  • Mask-wearing and the Equalities Act 2010 – if you have any reason that you feel you cannot wear a mask please inform your acupuncturist, treatment should be able to go ahead
  • As your acupuncturist I will continue to wear a Type IIR FRSM face mask and eye protection for your safety

Clinic Hygiene

COVID – Health 

Traditional Five Element Acupuncture helps you improve your whole health and wellbeing, helping with your immune system, mental and emotional health, pain control, stress of work, family and isolation, therefore it is important to continue treatment during COVID times. 


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