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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

What Causes Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder Pain which is caused by an acute injury or a chronic condition like frozen shoulder, arthritis, fibromyalgia, shoulder impingement, or rotator cuff tendinitis to name a few can be helped with Traditional Five Element Acupuncture.

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Shoulder Pain can slowly creep up on you many patients are experiencing more time working at a computer, with bad posture causing muscles to seize up. I would advise to get treatment early for shoulder problems, as they can be disabling if left too long. Western medicine often recommends no treatment early on, I would recommend – come and have Traditional Five Element Acupuncture as soon as you can.

Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture helps relieve Shoulder Pain, reduce inflammation, release tight muscles, and increase range of motion for a variety of shoulder problems. When muscular coordination across the shoulder is poor, any of several specific structural weak points can be torn, stretched, compressed, or cracked. Damage may occur all at once or over time. Whether the injury is acute or chronic. Traditional Five Element  Acupuncture can address the inflammation and rehabilitate your shoulder/s and treat alongside the other issues that  become a problem such as sleep, irritability and worry.

Stress and Shoulder pain

Stress and Anxiety can land in your shoulders, many people find that over time their shoulders raise up and become tight, guarded, painful and can restrict the nerves – all this just from muscle tension! The beauty of Traditional Five Element Acupuncture is that whenever we treat a patient we treat the whole person. Therefore painful shoulders are always more they what they appear – treating the stress and anxiety causing or caused by the pain is all part of the treatment.

Chronic Shoulder Pain

Pain that is unrelenting has many causes and could have been building for years. In the treatment of a chronic pain pattern Traditional Five Element Acupuncture addresses both the underlying cause of the pain as well as the pain signal. This process and response are slower because of the interplay between the injury signal of the tissue and the central nervous system memory of that signal. This approach is also what gives Acupuncture its successes in the treatment of these problems.


Do come and have Traditional Five Element Acupuncture treatment for your Shoulder Pain if you have had it a few weeks, few months or a few years and you will feel changes that will make your life better, physically and emotionally. 


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