COVID Burnout

COVID Burnout

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In The Gaudian this week quoted – ‘Thousands of UK doctors are planning to quit the NHS after the Covid pandemic because they are exhausted by their workloads and worried about their mental health, a survey has revealed.’

Over a year down the line of the COVID pandemic many people have found themselves in situations that have made them rethink what they want from life.


COVID burnout is happening to many people in all walks of life, with an increasing number feeling worn out, overwhelmed and unable to cope with work and home situations. Triggering a range of emotions, including distress, irritability, sadness, grief, disbelief, anger, anxiety and fatigue. 

Acupuncture Help

If you find yourself at the place where it is all too much Traditional Five Element Acupuncture can help you find your way again, bringing you back into balance. We have all of the Five Elements – which relate to your organs, these need to work together to maintain health and wellbeing.

In Traditional Five Element  Acupuncture health can be defined as the perfect balance of Yin and Yang in the body, with the Elements and organs working well together. The mind and emotions are stable and people are able to live harmoniously with themselves, their family and community.

A little stress, physical or mental, is a good thing. It keeps the mind and body alert, creative, flexible and fluid. But continued levels of high stress will eat up the reserves in the body, unbalancing the levels of the Five Elements at a rate that a person is unable to compensate for with diet, exercise and rest.

Restore Your Health

Acupuncture works to gently restore you to health, building back essential levels of Qi (your Vital Energy) balancing the Five Elements, Yin and Yang and your bodies systems. As the Body, Mind and Spirit are strengthened, the emotions stabilize allowing you to make the necessary changes to prevent it burnout happening again.

Be kind to Yourself

This may be a different way of looking after your health and wellbeing that you are accustomed too. Though I assure you that the tradition of acupuncture has been around for thousands of years restoring health through many pandemics ,wars and upheavals. So give Acupuncture a try as you will be pleasantly surprised how you will feel, changing your outlook on how you look after your life; being kind to yourself.


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