Coming out of Lockdown

Coming out of Lockdown

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As Lockdown eases and we are allowed to venture out are you nervous after being careful for so long? Take your time and go at your own pace, just because we can does not mean we have to! Acupuncture can help you find your way through this.

Go at your own Pace

As lockdown restrictions begin to lift, many of us are looking forward to seeing family and friends and getting back to activities we’ve missed over the last year.

Though for some people also find that the idea of returning to old routines, or doing things that we haven’t done for a while, can cause anxiety or stress. We all deal with stress and changes differently. As Acupuncture treats each person individually and holistically it can help you with this transition

Keeping Safe

Throughout the last year we’ve needed to create new habits to keep us safe, we need to continue with these in many ways. While having had the coronavirus vaccine is helpful and reassuring, you still need to follow current guidance on social distancing, washing your hands, and wearing a face covering. That way we can all help keep each other safe. In my practice I follow guidelines set out by UK Government and the British Acupuncture Council , the safety of my patients is of the highest priority. For more information :-

Many people have been out at work all through lockdowns.Though many have been working at home which has its challenges and advantages. There will be many returning to busy workplaces. All of these situations can cause stress and anxiety, be kind to yourself and come and have some Acupuncture to keep you stronger emotionally, physically and to keep your spirits up.

Seeing friends and family

To get together with friends and family can be a great healer and a boost to your wellbeing in these times when we have been apart for so long. If you are nervous about this be kind to yourself and take it at your own pace. Some of my patients are saying there as so many people they need and want to see they are pulled in every direction! Let Acupuncture give you the emotional strength to find your way forward with this.

Social Anxiety

If you haven’t been in social situations recently, it’s normal to feel a bit of social anxiety. It’s not surprising if socialising feels strange or more difficult when you haven’t been doing it, so be kind to yourself and don’t expect too much. It may be useful to remember that there will be other people feeling as unsure as you are. Trying to focus on putting the other person at ease can be a good way of managing your own social anxiety, as well as being helpful too. Acupuncture can help you gain that inner strength to find your way in the outside world again.

How we respond

We al respond to situations in different ways this is why Traditional Five Element Acupuncture is such a good treatment to work with how YOU are and how YOU cope going forward. To learn more about how your personality traits affects how you interact with the world check out this page on my website :-


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