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The Wood Element  

We are here again in Spring a year down the line from the beginning of the COVID situation. 

Spring in the Traditional Five Element System is associated with the Wood Element with the organs of the Gall Bladder and Liver.  

Decisions and Planning

The Wood Element is about decisions and planning with frustration and anger if these do not come to fruition. Which is very much where we find ourselves again this Spring, desperately wanting to make plans and decisions about work, home, holidays and visiting those we love. Without a decision which way to go and a plan to move forward there can be chaos within the Body, Mind and Spirit. 

Spring Stunted  

Unfortunately, humanity in Spring is somewhat stunted again this year, though we are better off than last year instead of the beginning of a pandemic we are now at the stage of seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Spring is still happening in nature the plants continue to flourish, the animals start to look for their mates, the birds are building their nests – the world has not stopped. There is Hope, Spring and the Wood Element give us this. 

Vision and Flexibility 

The Wood Element has vision to move us forward and the flexibility to help us find ways to overcome the difficulties that modern life throws at us. The Wood Element energy in Spring helps us find equilibrium. 

Gall Bladder  

The Gall Bladder holds the bile – pure matter, breaks down and digests fats, can cause intense pain if blocked. The Gall Bladder is involved in decision making and every organ in our body needs a decision to function giving peace and equilibrium. When out of balance immobility and paralysis can affect the whole Body, Mind and Spirit. With feeling of lethargy, fatigue and sometimes an effort to live. (? Long COVID) 


The Liver is a complex chemical factory, processing and storing body building nutrients, detoxifying our system, and storing vitamins and minerals. Helping the Body Mind and Spirit resist disease. The largest internal organ. The Liver controls planning every organ in the body needs a plan to function. We need to care for our Liver eating at least 10 fruit and vegetables a day, eating fresh foods, avoiding processed foods, drinking plenty of water. 

Alcohol, chemicals and drugs (either prescribed or recreational) put major strain on the Liver, it is a strong organ but can only so much. When the Liver is out of balance the ligaments and tendons can seize up, there can be eye problems – dry eyes, tunnel vison and bloodshot. When planning gets out of control a person can feel lost or over control their inner feelings (eg OCD) or try to control others and angry at themselves or others. 

Spring Treatment  

The Springtime is an effective time to treat imbalances in the Wood Element with Liver and Gallbladder issues as the Wood energy is strong. To help find peace and equilibrium within the chaos of life. For information and treatment contact Hannah on: –

The Five Elements

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