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COVID Parenting Stress

COVID Parenting Stress

Parenting in Lockdown

The children are back to school!

Since March 2020 parents were faced with “home schooling” and no childcare from anywhere as the COVID 19 epidemic first hit. For some this at first was a lovely extra time with their children with no time stresses. Many parents have been in the situation that they still have to work, home educate and everything else that needs to be done. With very little peer support or family to help for children, teenagers, and parents. This has been a difficult and stressful time. Even if the parents or parent is not working this has been a challenging time, to educate and entertain at home.

Back to school

We are now a year down the line and many parents are pulling their hair out trying to juggle all of this, with many worried about their child’s educational and emotional wellbeing. Though the schools are opening again this week there still will be difficult complications with bubbles, COVID testing and isolating for positive results. Therefore, many parents may find that their children, teenagers, and young adults are still not getting the time at school or college they hoped for. Acupuncture can help with these stresses and help you calmer.

Mental Health

I treat many parents in my Acupuncture practice with children of different ages and situations. Treating Mental, Emotional and Physical health, all of which has needed much attention through this last year. I also treat teachers who have had a very busy and stressful time. Teachers have all year been arranging and supporting education and families, in school and at home for pupils and students. Teaching has never stopped! Acupuncture can treat the stress and exhaustion that comes from working long hours.


Several patients I treat have had babies within the last year which has been a difficult experience being unable to see family or other parents at time when this is vital in new parenthood. I love to help with infertility and new parenthood as it is an emotional time – even more now, Acupuncture cares for you in pregnancy and early parenthood.

Single Parents

Single parents have been battling through this last year alone, without family, friends and school support they would usually have. I deeply sympathize as I was a single parent for many years and it is not an easy job, and that was in pre COVID days! Acupuncture can give you emotional strength and resilience to cope with this.

Time for You

Therefore, parents I highly recommend as your children go back to school, that you invest in some much needed selfcare. Treat yourself to some Traditional Five Element Acupuncture to bring your Mental, Emotional and Physical health back into balance after a year like no other! 

Children, teenagers and young adults respond well to the balancing effects of Acupuncture so send them too!

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