Fertility Acupuncture Earth Element

Fertility Acupuncture Earth Element

Fertility and Acupuncture – Traditional Five Element acupuncture a 3000-year-old system, is an integrative approach that offers tools to help prepare your Body, Mind and Emotions, and can help you with your Fertility. 


Chuang Tzu, a defining figure in Taoism, said, “Flow with whatever may happen, and let your mind be free; stay centred by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.” How often do we cling to how we want the results to turn out? Or feel punished, not worthy, or in question of “why” we have to struggle so hard just to conceive? 

What do you need

A good starting place is looking at how you are looking after yourself, sometimes it is good to put yourself at the centre of your world. When you are strong and centred you can then confidently move forward and find health and wellbeing.  If you are going through fertility issues, you may need to re-prioritize your life and spend time finding a new balance. Traditional Five Element Acupuncture can help you find this. 

Five Elements to guide you 

Using the tools taken from the Five Element Acupuncture Tradition as a guide. Helping you find the places within yourselves to live in more harmony and balance with yourself, and your environment. The knowledge of the Five Elements system to help with fertility, let us look at the Earth Element. 

The Earth Element  

The Earth Element or the centre. A strong centre means a healthy digestion what we eat and how we process food. It’s important to follow the seasons and eat fresh foods that are locally grown. The flavour related to the Earth Element is sweet, though not sticky buns, more sweet fruits and vegetables. A good fertility diet consists of fresh organic fruits, vegetables, beans, some grains and some meats, avoiding processed foods, caffeine, and refined sugar. Adding essential fatty acids and variety of foods chalked with nutrients like Gobi berries, walnuts, and fish can help with egg quality. 

A Strong Digestion 

We have to make sure our digestion is strong. The Earth Element can be the source of many digestive problems such as: constipation, indigestion, bloating or loose stool. Following the principles of traditional Chinese eating cooked foods for a weak digestion and warm drinks (not cold out of the fridge) is helpful. This is especially important during the autumn and winter months when it is cold outside. Eating lots of cold food causes your body to take more energy up to warm food to digest it well. Dairy products can cause digestive problems too as products from a cow can put a strain your digestion, a calf has 4 stomachs to digest milk we only have one!  


Overthinking and over-worrying can damage Spleen and Stomach energies (Qi) which are the organs and channels related to the Earth Element. Meditation, quiet time or prayer time are important tools to help get back to the loving awareness inside yourself and away from a busy mind. Sympathy is a great part of the Earth Element being important to give and receive not overdoing either way. The Earth Element energy is giving and caring though we must remember to care for ourselves to. 


In terms of intimacy and fertility, the Earth Element asks; do you always please others and never ask for what we want? Having a strong Earth centre means we feel good in your Body, Mind and Spirit, to know when to give and how to receive and be present in the moment, helping love be an important part of conception. 


To find out if your Earth Element is balanced to help with your Fertility contact Hannah on :-  https://www.southwellacupuncture.co.uk/contact/


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The Five Elements

For more information about the Five Elements and You see page https://www.southwellacupuncture.co.uk/acupuncture-five-elements/

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