Fertility Acupuncture Water Element

Fertility Acupuncture Water Element

Life is all about balance. But if you are in the midst of a fertility journey, then you know all too well that life doesn’t feel like it is flowing. Wanting a baby is a biological drive. Many of us thought it would be easy to conceive until it wasn’t. Many women and men spend so much effort trying not to conceive until they start trying to conceive that they aren’t prepared for the struggles and emotions, that infertility brings. We all want solutions to make this journey easier, which is where Traditional Five Element Acupuncture for fertility comes into play. 


You may ask yourself, what parts of life need your attention? Are you spending too much time working, and not enough time finding to be a couple? Are you moving too much and don’t have enough stillness? If you are going through fertility issues, it might appear that you have to re-prioritize your life and spend time finding a new balance. 

Help Conceiving

This is not an easy feat therefore Traditional Five Element Acupuncture can help you find this balance, to help you conceive.  

There are Five Elements Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood, to start with the Water element and your fertility.  

The Water Element 

The Water element is key in fertility as it encompasses your reproductive organs and reproductive system. This also includes your sex drive, egg, or sperm quality and fluidity for that movement. You need to nourish yourself in a way that takes care to make sure the next generation is healthy.

Fear and Wisdom

The Water element’s emotion when not balanced is Fear and when balanced is Wisdom.  The Water element is connected to the Kidneys and the adrenal glands that sit on the kidneys respond with fight, flight, or freeze when we are under threat. If anxiety and stress is plaguing your life, the blood flow that should go to the reproductive organs gets shunted away to the adrenal glands. This does not help your fertility quest. If you are constantly on the go or have chronic stress with your heart pounding and adrenaline flowing as your body not allowing you to relax. Taking the blood flow to nourish the eggs and sperm. 


If you suffer from low sex drive, you also should attend to the Water element. Acupuncture can help libido and the emotions connected to starting new life. Sex drive can be a complicated factor for women and for men, and aside from acupuncture treatment, try spending more time connecting, remembering how you love each other.


The age factor is another pressure, women come for treatment are often so scared that they are running out of time. Causing more stress and anxiety that it doesn’t help them live in the moment and enjoy lovemaking. The whole act of making a baby should be the connection of heart to reproductive organs. Ask yourself, what gets in the way of this? 


Sometimes couples have issues in the sex department when there is so much pressure to perform or if they are experiencing fertility issues. The whole process can becoming a task to conceive. Nourishing your Water element means taking time to slow everything down and get back into the rest and digest and of course love making mode. 


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The Five Elements

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