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Lockdown 2021, Winter and Vaccines

Lockdown 2021, Winter and Vaccines

Many people are struggling with the latest Lockdown for COVID, hoping we would be back too normal by now, though it appears that ‘normal’ appears to be a long way off. For some being apart from family, friends and work colleges for almost a year now is beginning to wear them down.  

Currently I am treating many patients struggling with high anxiety and stress from this Lockdown, wintertime adds further restrictions and then it went and snowed to make it worse, to quote a patient. 

Wintertime is the most Yin, still and quiet time of the year, when we go inward and focus on building inner resources for the Spring and Summer to come.  

However, in the last year there has been nothing but quiet times. The Yang outer, growing, socialising and engaging the energy of Spring and Summer was not experienced leaving many people frustrated, weary, lonely, overwhelmed and exhausted by the lack of real life happening.  

Traditional Five Element Acupuncture can help you within this dysfunctional present world and bring you back to a feeling of balance in Mental and Physical Health. 

Acupuncture can help recovery from having COVID or Long COVID, to keep immune system strong to avoid or reduce symptoms of COVID and Winter illness.  

Acupuncture can help deal with feelings of anxiety, defeat, overwork, isolated childcare, insomnia, digestive problems, pain and much more that the stress of COVID times bring. 

There are many issues that patients have struggled to get help with because the NHS is so busy with COVID.  

My acupuncture practice is here to help keep the nation or at least Nottinghamshire healthy, supported and happy through difficult times. In COVID times people are still getting all the other illness that happen in life, Acupuncture treatment may help with these. All ages qualify from preconception, young, youth, parenting, middle age, maturity and elderly. 

Many of my patients are having the COVID vaccine and tell me they are experiencing a few days of feeling off – achy arm, weakness and fever.  

My advice for all in this situation is to plan to have a few days after your jab to rest and be kind to yourself, take some time out if you can. It may also be helpful to come for Acupuncture treatment before and after your vaccination.  

I hope that this is a help to know that Southwell Acupuncture Clinic is open and willing to treat and care for high needs patients in COVID Lockdown, to bring some hope and comfort. 

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