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Looking After your Immune System

Looking After your Immune System

During this time of COVID we need to look at improving the Immune System, because if your Immune System is stronger you can fight off  virus’s better and if you do get COVID being able to recover quicker. Traditional Five Element Acupuncture can help.

Most of us do not think about our Immune System until we get sick even though a weak immune system is a major component of most chronic diseases.  A weak immune system can result in disorders such as frequent/lingering colds, allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and many more. 

How we feel every day is essentially an indicator of how our immune system is working. Traditional Five Element Acupuncture is a safe and natural way to stimulate, strengthen, and balance the immune system. Studies have shown that regular Acupuncture treatments can increase the number of T cells the body produces. This is important because T cells destroy harmful bacteria and viruses in the body. The increased cellular response provided through Acupuncture lasts for several days after the treatment. Over time this strengthens the immune system similarly to how lifting weights regularly will strengthen muscles. 

Most over the counter and prescription medications we are given suppress the immune system. While this method is useful for limiting symptoms and managing pain, though it is one of the reasons people become dependent on the medication. Acupuncture is an effective alternative to those medications, (not stopping medication without talking to your GP or Consultant first)

Acupuncture regulates the immune function as well as treating the underlying causes of the disease. Acupuncture helps with reducing symptoms, speeding up healing, decreasing excess phlegm, and decreasing inflammation which results in a decrease in the amount of time you spend sick. It is important that we work on building our Immune System up so our bodies are capable of fighting off anything nature throws at us.

Traditional Five Element Acupuncture can help you recover from COVID and Long COVID too.

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