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Acupuncture During New Lockdown

Acupuncture During New Lockdown

Southwell Acupuncture Clinic Open During New Lockdown

I am glad to say for the Health and Wellbeing for all my patients present and future that I will still be practicing Traditional Five Element Acupuncture at Southwell Acupuncture Clinic during the New November to December COVID -19 Lockdown 2.

I continue to follow strict guidelines set by the government and British Acupuncture Council to keep my patients safe and well. We are recommended to stay at home during Lockdown, though you can travel for medical care, therefore able to come for your treatment as long as you come directly to treatment. If you have been in contact with, have COVID, please Do Not come for treatment. I am risk assessing each patient according to guidelines. 

Please see my guidelines :-

Traditional Five Element Acupuncture is a vital way to help with your mental and physical health during these COVID times.

Regular Acupuncture can help improve your mood, relieve chronic conditions, reduce feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion, bring a focus into your life, can reduce feelings of isolation, frustration and generally look after you in these difficult times.

Acupuncture can help with working at home with stiffness in your body, emotional strain, stress and encourage you to take control of your home working situation. For those who are working out of the home during this New Lockdown Acupuncture can help with the stresses and strains that are put on you are working in this fearful time. Also, for the stress of work and childcare responsibilities.

Many people are isolated at home parents with pre-school children and the elderly, have had most of the activities that bring people together cancelled, so need help with mental and physical health. Many people are less active causing all sorts of problems. Let acupuncture help you with these.

Traditional Five Element Acupuncture can help with so much more than you may realise the ideal way to become stronger as a whole in Body, Mind and Spirit, finding balance, a good way to raise you immune system to try avoid becoming catching COVID-19.

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