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Autumn, COVID, Grief and Fear

Autumn, COVID, Grief and Fear

As we move into Autumn and the COVID situation increases, the emotion of the Metal Element Grief is prominent also the emotion of Water (Winter Element) Fear creeps upon our World all somewhat overwhelming. 

The system of Traditional Five Element Acupuncture supports us through these difficult times, as acupuncture treats all of your systems in Body, Mind and Spirit. In our COVID world emotions are high, which can cause exacerbation of many problems such as Digestive issues, IBS, Headaches, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, CFS, Arthritis, RA, Menopause, PMS, Period problems and Hormonal issues. Others include Asthma, Mental health issues, Anxiety, Depression and more.  All these conditions are affected by the emotions and stress. 

Grief can come from loss of a loved one who has died and the family are not able to have a full funeral to help the grieving process.  The loss of independence, ability to go out, loss of seeing friends and family, going on holiday, get married and many more which are individual to you.  

COVID has stopped life as we know it and we grieve this. Some people are able to deal with this, but with the second wave coming along I am seeing many patients in my clinic struggling with this continuing way of life. 

We need to build up our reserves (not just toilet roll and flour!) to strengthen up the immune system for the coming months and we go towards Winter.  

Within the Traditional Five Element Acupuncture System Autumn is a time to take care of your Grief, the Lungs and Colon of the Metal element. The beginning and the end. 

  • The Lungs are the first line of defence, so always wrap up in the cooler weather, keeping your chest covered.  
  • The Colon is part of physically and mentally letting go so keeping good Colon health by eating plenty of vegetables – keeps you moving on. 
  • Look after yourself in the season consider having some acupuncture to give your Metal Qi a boost. 
  • Tips for Autumn time 
  • Breathe deeply Every day taking deep breaths into your abdomen using all your Lungs 
  • Meditate and Relax (Yoga Nidra meditation/relation is good for this) 
  • Walk in nature take in the beautiful autumnal colour and fresh air, wrapped up warm of course 
  • Look after your gut health, make sure your bowels are in good working order and you ‘go’ each day, eating a variety of good Fruit and Vegetables each day 
  • Drink plenty of water (warm with lemon is good) and herbal teas, reduce caffeine and sugary drinks 
  • Get ready for Winter keep yourself and your home in working order preparing for the cold months ahead 
  • Keep warm, getting cold can reduce your immune system strength 
  • Get some traditional Five Element Acupuncture! 

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