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Late Summer – The Earth Element

Late Summer – The Earth Element

In Traditional Five Element Acupuncture Earth associated with Late Summer, a time of harvest, abundance and appreciation of the work done to find yourself where you are in life and bring projects to life. The Earth Element can be thought of as the centre that all else revolves round. The Mother, the Carer, the Protector, a grounded feeling of safety, understanding, growth leading to independence. The Earth element can also be seen as the transition between each season – the centre.

We stand between Heaven and Earth, our head in the heavens to receive heavenly Qi (through the Lungs- Metal Element) and our feet on the Earth so we can be grounded, stable and centred.

The organs of Earth Stomach and Spleen transform and transport our nourishment around your whole system to make Qi – our Life Force. If the Earth Element struggles to nourish, often not able to receive and digest your food, emotions and environment you may feel tired, suffer from heaviness and dampness, have digestive problems, be anxious, worry and have sleep problems

We don’t just digest food and drink, the Earth Element’s power is to receive and give out on all levels. To receive the seed/sperm and to yield, give birth, to grow, to provide a harvest which sustains life and through the ability to transform and transport Qi, food, body fluids, blood, lymph and emotions.

The Earth Element in us

A person whose Earth Element is dominant can be sympathetic, loving, caring, supporting, giving nourishment, security and mothering. This can be balanced and appropriate, but can become smothering and overpowering. Earth Elements can forget to care for themselves and become exhausted and burnt out and overwhelmed. An Earth Element can become angry if they feel unsupported and overwhelmed.

On the other side when the Earth Element is dominant a person can suffer from chronic feelings of dissatisfaction, worry and anxiety which can go around and around affecting sleep. An Earth Element person may become self-centred not able to see others needs beyond their own. They may feel unsafe and unstable. When the Earth Element is weakened, they may struggle to find their equilibrium, but when in balance they recover well.

A healthy relationship with a Mother figure helps in early life creating internal security to become an independent adult. This is an important factor for an Earth Element, enabling a person to put down their own roots independently.

The Five Elements

We have all the Five Elements within us though one is more dominant – our Causative Factor or Guardian Element which makes us who we are and how we respond to the world. For more information see Personality page on my website:-

If you relate to these feeling and manifestations some of the time or overpowered by them Traditional Five Element acupuncture can help you gain strength and balance to move forward in life.

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Today is Autumn Equinox – Late Summer leads us into the Autumn Equinox which helps us honour the beauty of the balance between day and night, between activities and restful times, between productivity and contemplation, and it encourages us give thanks for our life’s bountiful harvest, to appreciate the flow of the seasons within us and in the world around us.

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