British Acupuncture Council ‘Acu’ Magazine

British Acupuncture Council ‘Acu’ Magazine

For the Summer ‘Acu’ magazine – the professional journal for The British Acupuncture Council, I wrote this article and took the pictures to go with it!

About my treatment room I have a beautiful space for my pateints to come for treatment and relax. I recently wrote an article for the British Acupuncture Council members Magazine the Acu about my lovely treatment room.

I am very fortunate to have a beautiful treatment room, with roof windows
that let the sunlight shine in, and because of their angle the blinds can be open most of the time. They are only ever closed when the sun is too bright
for my patients! It is lovely to work in natural light and helpful with seeing
each patient’s colour. On my windowsill I have a collection of orchids; many of my patients enjoy watching them come into blossom, which they do often. My treatment room is always warm as I like to keep it snuggly enough to keep my patients comfortable… but of course it keeps my
orchids happy too! The room is large, so I have a welcoming area where I catch up with how patients are and do the traditional diagnosis. I have some lovely chairs that are extremely comfortable and ideal for
making my patients feel relaxed.

My favourite colour is orange and it features in many parts of my clinic.
I often get teased by my patients whenever a new orange object appears.
I also have passions for the five elements and for the seaside, so I collected little beach huts to go with the colours of each element – they sit above my five element poster, which seems to encourage my patients to ask more about the elements. There are other snippets of my personality and my family’s talents around the room. I have a very large yellow duck made out of plaster and wire that my daughter made at school years ago. For years he lived in the store cupboard, but now he lives on top of my filing cabinet, much to the amusement of my patients.

I like to keep my patients happy and feeling like they are in a safe environment – private and secure, and also hygienic,
with a personal sink area for my patients and me to wash our hands.
I feel so lucky that this is my own practice space with my own qi. My
patients are undisturbed in their sanctuary of peace away from the world,
while they enjoy having treatment and the time and attention I give them.

Update I am back practicing again!

For more infomation and to experiance my treatment room contact Hannah on ;

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