Returning to Acupuncture Treatment After Shielding For COVID-19

Returning to Acupuncture Treatment After Shielding For COVID-19

From 1 August, people who have been shielding against COVID-19 in most will no longer have to stay at home and follow shielding, although they are advised to take particular care when outside, and maintain strict social distancing. 

For some people this will be welcome news, while others will be understandably anxious, it is still your choice to decide what you are comfortable about doing – you may still want to spend a lot of time at home. 

Experts strongly advise people with serious underlying health conditions to follow social distancing recommendations – keep 2m away from other people outside your home and, whenever possible, limit the number of people you meet, shops you visit, and non-essential journeys and wear masks and observe handwashing to reduce cross infection.

I am welcoming all my patients back to acupuncture treatment, I pride myself in the great care I take to not put my patients at risk. I have introduced new procedures to my clinic having carried risk assessments which are in line with Government and British Acupuncture Council guidelines. I am aware of how anxious people may be about coming out to appointments again and will endeavour to give all the care and attention needed.

The following now applies to all patients and treatment procedures.

  • In advance of treatment I will be asking patients before each session to consent to treatment and confirm that they have not been in contact with any person with COVID -19 for 7 days or had any symptoms of COVID-19
  • The clinic is deep cleaned and I am allowing half an hour between each patient to clean and disinfect all surfaces and contact points, couch covers and pillowcases changed which are single use. The disinfectant I have sourced is environmentally friendly made with vegetable alcohol and essential oils. 
  • I will wash my hands before and after treatments and during treatment if required. I ask all my patients to wash their hands on arrival to the clinic room, for at least 20 seconds. I have sourced environmentally friendly and kind hand-wash and hand sanitiser is available if required
  • I will be wearing a mask (single use for each patient) and request that patients where a mask in line with government guidelines.
  • I will wear gloves when performing treatments
  • I am taking immense care to look after all my patients many of which are vulnerable greatly benefit from treatment  

I will send out all instructions to you when you start treatment, so you are aware of these new procedures to avoid confusion, by email.

I look forward to welcoming patients back to my practice during these troubling times. Traditional Five Element Acupuncture can help with the anxiety of our new world, improve your immune system, boost your overall wellbeing as well as treating your ongoing needs.

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