Lockdown, Have you lost your Joy?

Lockdown, Have you lost your Joy?

As we slowly emerge from lockdown Summer is upon us and causing the expansion of Yang. Summer is the most expressive of the seasons. In summer we need to open up and be free, we are not quite there yet with restrictions of social distancing still around, so some difficulties still arise. 

Lockdown stopped Yang expanding, stagnating our Qi and natural rhythms, which may have caused the emotion of Fire – Joy to be suppressed. Before you read on please check out the Five Element Personalities page on my website, and you will have an understanding when reading the rest of this blog and how it relates to you! (link here) https://www.southwellacupuncture.co.uk/acupuncture-five-elements/

Fire is the Element of Summer and the emotion is Joy, which can be expressed in a feeling of lack of Joy or swaying between the two, the ups and downs of this emotion can be devastating, from the constant need for stimulation to deep depression. Joy can be both harmful and beneficial.

To quote the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, from 2nd century BC ‘ When one is joyous, the qi relaxes…the qi is in harmony and the mind is unimpeded’ 

We can strive to find the rich form of contentment in Joy as it is a wonderful and healthy emotion.

The spirit of Fire is Shen – to express, extend, and stretch out to others, to love and care for yourself and those you care for. This has been supressed in lockdown and even as we withdraw from some of the restrictions, the physical contact that Fire so needs is still not quite in reach as we continue to socially distance.  

The element Fire and its Spirit Shen can manifest in many ways:

  • Inspiration
  •  Insight
  •  Awareness
  • Compassion
  • Joy 
  • Love 
  • Affection 
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Lack of concentration
  • Disconnectedness
  • Timid and easily startled
  • Overly talkative and unclear communication 
  • Mania and forms of schizophrenia
  • Manic depression
  • Difficulty with intimate relationships 

Signs that can come from stagnation and imbalance in the Fire Element can be:

  • Insomnia
  • Dream disturbed sleep 
  • Palpitations
  • Sweating Hyperactivity 
  • Restlessness

If you recognise any of these feelings and signs your Fire Element, may be out of balance activities that can help can be:

  • Nourishing foods without too much warming spices
  • Concentration on a candlelight – Meditation and breath 
  • Rescue Remedy
  • Foot Massages and Earthing – walking barefoot 
  • Warmth to the dantian – the lower dantian (Jing) located two inches below the navel, it is the source of energy which builds the physical body and allows us to develop and use Qi and Shen
  • Relaxing, stillness  
  • Meditative music
  • Less talking
  • Amber incense or essential oil 

Summer is a time of light that feeds the expansive Qi of Fire Yang. Try to be out in the sunshine, in this time when the evenings are long we have the opportunity to take in the light and sunshine, and maybe take a walk in your garden or on some grass in bare feet! Find that childish Joy that is inside us all, though very hidden in some, laugh and enjoy. 

With the Five Element system every individual has a Gaudian Element or Causative Factor as you have read about on personality page on the website. The Five Elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood. Each element has a connection to natures time of year, you’re Spirit, emotions and much more. This affects how a person may have responded to lockdown. We all have every element within us so you may relate to each element, though one will resonate more with you. 

Southwell Acupuncture Clinic will soon be open to more patients as Lockdown eases, from July 4th careful practice see blog – https://www.southwellacupuncture.co.uk/blog/2020/06/30/return-to-full-practice-with-care/ so please get in touch and arrange to come for acupuncture treatment to help you become balanced and well as we find our way back into normality.

Contact Hannah on: https://www.southwellacupuncture.co.uk/contact/

Thank you for inspiration for this Blog from Anastacia White. 

ps – More about Earth, Metal, Water, (to follow) Wood (19th June) looking at the emotions: Joy, Anger, Worry, Grief and Fear.

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