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Lockdown, I’m Angry?

Lockdown, I’m Angry?

COVID-19 became apparent in the UK during Springtime 2020. Lockdown closed us off from the world we would normally relate to, everybody’s experience was different. 

Lockdown stopped Yang expanding, stagnating our Qi and natural rhythms, which may have caused the emotion of Wood – Anger to rise. Before you read on please check out the Five Element Personalities page on my website, and you will have an understanding when reading the rest of this blog and how it relates to you! (link here)

Spring is when the Yang Qi is rising, a time of year when we become more active being outside and taking in more light. Wood needs to create and grow, lockdown has stifled this in many cases, or it could have given you the time to be creative. 

The Wood experience can express itself in Anger – this is probably one of the most dangerous emotional stress we can experience, with a host of damaging effects. On the other hand, repression of Anger can transform into frustration, resentment and depression and cause long term damage. Looking at the positives Wood can be creative.

With the Five Element system every individual has a Gaudian Element or Causative Factor as you have read about on personality page on the website. The Five Elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood. Each element has a connection to natures time of year, emotions, you’re spirit and much more. This affects how a person may have responded to lockdown. We all have every element within us so you may relate to each element, though one will resonate more with you. 

We have now seen signs of this Anger, Frustration and Resentment coming out in our world as we emerge from Lockdown.  

The element for Spring is Wood, can manifest in many ways:

  • Creativity 
  • Leadership
  • Organisation
  • Control
  • Great Vision
  • Indecisive and timid – keeping anger inside
  • No vision in life
  • Seeing life without colour 
  • Unable to move through life 
  • Over blaming self or others 
  • Stuck in resentment 
  • Unable to forgive injustices 
  • Anger- repressed or excessive 

Signs that can come from stagnation and imbalance in the Wood Element can be:

  • Insomnia
  • Disturbed sleep, excessive dreaming Lack of dreams
  • Digestive disturbance associated Excessive sleeping
  • Depression
  • Night-time anxiety
  • Pain- emotional and physical 

If you recognise any of these feelings and signs your Wood Element, may be out of balance activities that can help your Wood Element and the Spirit of Wood the Hun can be:

  • African dance
  • Relaxed Movement
  • Authentic movement
  • Martial Arts
  • Taking Journeys (may be this one to keep for later!)
  • Creativity
  • Eating green vegetables and enough protein for movement (feed the muscles)
  • Amino acids
  • Detox and fasting
  • Carefully regulate exposure to toxic substances
  • Meditation before sleep and dreamwork
  • Resolving or avoiding relationships that bring toxic thoughts
  • Exercises in forgiveness, in yourself and to others 
  • Spend time in natural beauty with trees and notice the breezes

A good time to try and resolve feelings related to being stagnated in Spring as Summer opens up to us and with Lockdown easing, we have some more freedom to be out and in Nature. 

Southwell Acupuncture Clinic will soon be open to more patients as Lockdown eases, from July 4th careful practice see blog – so please get in touch and arrange to come for acupuncture treatment to help you become balanced and well as we find our way back into normality.

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Thank you for inspiration for this Blog from Anastacia White. 

ps – More to follow about Fire, Earth, Metal and Water – Joy, Worry, Grief and Fear.

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