Positive Thoughts and Actions can Improve Your Immune System

Positive Thoughts and Actions can Improve Your Immune System

In today’s Lockdown world we must all find ways of keeping our immune system strong to face the outside world when we start to mix again. One way to improve your immune system is a positive attitude, which can be challenging at this time.

Optimism does not just boost your mood, a positive attitude also strengthens the immune system. Your own unguarded thoughts and your inner turmoil can be more harmful, than your worst enemy. Negative thoughts can be physiologically harmful, while positive attitudes can have a particularly powerful influence in boosting the immune system.

Positive thinking centres on such things as a belief in your abilities, a positive approach to challenges, and trying to make the most of diffucult situations. Bad things will happen. Sometimes you will be disappointed or hurt by the actions of others. This does not mean that the world is out to get you or that all people will let you down. Instead, positive thinkers will look at the situation pragmatically, searching for ways that they can improve the situation, and try to learn from their experiences.

We are in Spring which in the Five Element System is the Wood Element. Spring is one of the most positive seasons, time for new plans, growth and development. The Wood Element gives vision and potential for change, determination to achieve. So, take a recommendation from nature find your positive Spring feeling and to help you change your attitude. Go out into nature and you will see that it has not stopped, the trees are still coming to life the animals and birds are still having young, they have not stopped because of COVID 19 let this give you hope. The Yang power of the Wood Element and Spring is upward and growth give this to yourself this attitude to improve your immune system. To encourage you the above picture is an Oak tree I walk past (and talk to!) every day and it has awakened into Spring, a lovely sight to see.

It is also important to take a look at your whole system your positive attitude will help this;

  • Eat well – reduce sugars, caffeine, processed food and alcohol
  • Increase your  vegetables, fruit, seeds, try to eat less meat and more beans and lentils, they taste good and are cheaper! 
  • Drink plenty of Water
  • Exercise move every day – go for a walk, cycle, run, yoga, stretch,  Ti Chi, lift some weights (even if it only beaked beans tins!) it is important to move because you can stagnate if you are too still for too long
  • Talk to people you care about on the phone or FaceTime, social contact is so very important, loneliness can damage your whole system
  • Meditate and Relaxation being still calms the mind

We are all made up of all of the Five Elements though we have one element which is called our Guardian this is our make-up, how we react to the world. It can be helpful to understand this so you can become in charge of and understand the way you feel. I have a new page on my website explaining the elements in more detail for you to understand yours more, to help you through lockdown. See link to find out yours: https://www.southwellacupuncture.co.uk/acupuncture-five-elements/

It is important to look after ourselves in Body, Mind and Spirit, I hope this is a help until I am able to treat you again with Constitutional Five Element Acupuncture again at Southwell Acupuncture Clinic.

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