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Being Outdoors without Stress

Being Outdoors without Stress

In this new COVID-19 reality, even going for a walk can be a tense experience. Gone are the days when we could count on ordinary routine like a walk, jog, cycling, wandering to the shops to help us relax. It’s as if we’ve all been collectively thrust into a modern-day episode of the Twilight Zone and life as we knew it has been flipped upside down in ways that are very strange. It can emotionally draining to be hyper-alert all the time, when you are taking those necessary walks

Staying at home due to coronavirus has overturned notions of self- care. Experts recommend staying inside to minimize exposure to this virus, but weeks of staying inside without exercise, fresh air or sunlight can physically and emotionally undermined us. A change of scenery, fresh air, or just moving a little necessary and life giving can feel so good. You can opt for short walks or runs outside, with hand sanitizer if needed, being careful with gates, many parks have propped open gates now so less to touch. Experiment with times of day when there are less people around. It is good to be outside with some nature, it does reduce stress. So lets find some ways we can do this.

Try to self-soothe when you’re getting stressed while outside.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to these different situations, think of the Element you most have infinity with and the emotions that correspond with these. Find out yours here  

Fire Element personality may feel vulnerable, so try and turn that around into the Joy of being outside and the light of the day.

An Earth Element personality may just want to sit at home overthinking every possibility of what may go wrong, so try to become centred by taking a deep breath and enjoying what the sunshine can give you. 

Metal Element personality may feel fragile and cut off staying at home, so try to think of the purity of the air outside and how you can fill your lungs afresh.

Water Element personality may feel frightened of the possibilities of the outdoors, so try to reassure yourself and use you inner drive to give you confidence to know you are safe.

Wood Element personality may feel angry and frustrated with the whole situation, so try to make a strong and assertive decision that going out is the right thing to do and enjoy the Springtime it is your elements best time of year!

Just some ideas to understand our concerns about going out, we do need to be careful, though when you are out everyone else knows we need to stay safe, we have to trust ourselves that we can do this. We all need light and fresh air, so go for your walk if you can, be out in your garden if you can, if you have none of these possibilities try to get outside where you can. 

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