Different Kinds of Loss

Different Kinds of Loss

We are living in COVID 19 time, the first loss that we at once think of is loss of life, which is a great and understandable fear, and many people are dying which is a fact we must not forget and stay at home!

Though many of us have found ourselves in an unusual situation that we have been forced to stop work, stay at home until we have been told we can work again. Certainty in my lifetime or my parents nothing like this has happened, so how does this affect us.

Not going to be work can be looked upon as a kind of loss. Loss of identity, company, routine, conversation, people contact, friendship, challenge, competitiveness and income. There is also the worry of many that they will lose their job or business which is whole other matter.

I have certainly found it difficult not have the people contact I am used to and feeling lacking by not being able to care for my patients.

I would like to look at the situation that many people are in that you are not at work so what do you do? Also, many people who do not work find themselves isolated many may find themselves overwhelmed by being with family 24 hours a day with not break or help can be exhausting especially when there is children to occupy and care for, or in abusive relationships.

We all deal with situations differently, depending on who we have at home, what our job was and most important how our personality copes with these changes. 

The Five Element system helps us understand how we function and embrace who we are, the descriptions below may help. 

If your main personality Element is Fire you generally are lively, charismatic and sociable, being alone can be like your fire has been put out and you have no one to share with and care for or to be loved and be the centre of peoples lives. Find ways of being with people and sharing each day even without contact. 

If your main personality Element is Earth you may be a person who is nurturing, supportive, caring, supporting, giving nourishment. You may feel unsupported or missing giving support to others. Good to keep in touch with family, friends and people you work with.

If your main personality Element is Metal loss and feeling value is a large part of Metal so being cut off from the outside world can be difficult. Though being organised and clean is part of your personality as you can reorganise and clean your home, maybe something you’ve not had time for before, could be satisfying clearing out.

If your main personality Element is Water you may appear quiet, cool, calm and reflective, though the emotion of fear often rules the Water element person. Some Water people are quite happy staying at home and finding this time useful. Others may find it all overwhelming and fearful, it is It is important to find ways to keep safe and get this in prospective.

If your main personality Element is Wood direction and determination are a large part of your personality and you may in charge of projects, that may not be happening at the moment. Wood can be flexibile, in the face of obstacles so try and find ways to grow and learn at this time. 

Loss is bigger than we realise and we need to take care of ourselves the best we can during lock down. 

This is just a snippet of how our personality can affect how we cope with situation in life, for more details check this page; https://www.southwellacupuncture.co.uk/acupuncture-five-elements/

For help and more information contact Hannah on; https://www.southwellacupuncture.co.uk/contact/

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