I hope you are keeping well and not going stir crazy. It is very strange for many of us who are not able to do the work that you love. For some people it may be a welcome break from a stressful job. Many are trying to do their work at home which can be a challenge to find the incentive. My heart goes out to those with children trying to occupy and teach them at home. Those who do not work or are retired it is still a major change in lifestyle. But of course, we must remember all who are working in the NHS, support services, food production and shops and online services, posties and dustmen what we do without these people. There are still many people working some who are being forced to in fear of losing their jobs. 

So what can we do extra to help ourselves when stuck at home, and keep our immune system stronger.


Have a plan for a day or a week, I am redoing parts of my website which is a long job now I have time to do it. A plan for the day is useful get up and go to bedtimes, work times walk and exercise times, mealtimes, TV watching times, family time, meditation/relaxation times ect 


So what can we do extra to help ourselves, at home find a routine a to your day, it can really make a difference to your sanity, and you can feel you have achieved something.


Set yourself a task for the day even it is cleaning a window or sorting a cupboard, the satisfaction of getting things done that you have been meaning to do for ages is great.

Time to yourself

It is important that if we have a busy household and even if there is only two of you, you get some quite time for yourself. Can be time to read a book, meditate, Relaxation, pray, or watch what you want on TV!

Time Together

Missing friends and family is very hard, try to keep in regular contact with those people in your life who are important to you, we all need that people contact. There are so many amazing ways to do it know too.

Try New things

Draw, paint, sing, learn to do handstands! So many things you can try why not! 

Fresh Air Every Day

Get out eve day in the fresh air if you can safely. Walk on the garden even just put your head out of the window. The sunlight is important and we need to move.


Many people are less active now, or now you have the time to exercise, try to get out side to exercise, also worth trying some at home too, there is lots out there lots free too, so give it a try. Don’t become a couch potato!  (only of course if you don’t have a medical problem that would stop you).

Don’t watch too Much News

It is important to keep up with what is going on but watching too much news, is overwhelming and stressful, so only small snippets! 


Every day remember to breath, this is a COVID 19 respiratory virus so take some good deep breaths every day. (and don’t smoke!!) Meditation is an ideal way to achieve this.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is vital, many people do not get enough, so now you have the opportunity, catch up on sleep by getting more hours in bed. Any time in bed before midnight can be said that is as good as two – so get to bed early! 

So just some thoughts to keep you well and safe. 

COVID 19 is a deadly disease do not forget this we all need to do our part, for the majority of people this is STAY HOME. 

All this advice can help to improve your immune system. 


Any questions contact me Hannah on ;- https://www.southwellacupuncture.co.uk/contact/

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