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Relaxation for Parents and Carers

Relaxation for Parents and Carers

Daily Relaxation For Parents and all

I am sharing a poem and relaxation from my yoga teacher Lucy Maresh. Yoga is a vital part of my life as is the relaxation and meditation. I wish I had done more when my children were young.

If you can fit in twenty minutes of relaxation every day, even if you are working and busy you can choose when to stop, time to let go and give yourself restful time to reset your nervous system. Especially in these times of isolation.

Parents of small children are uniquely challenged in accessing twenty minutes daily restorative yoga (or even a basic night’s sleep).

I hope that when your children sleep or play independently or if you have someone else at home, you can give yourself the time to relax, it is a gift worth giving yourself.(the washing and cleaning can wait!) While the conditions for relaxation might not be 100% perfect, if you can give yourself some peace and can then look at our children with soft eyes and a warm heart and know that all is well.

If my message today does not speak directly to you but there are parents of young children in your life, please check in on them today – send them a message, give them some support. Its a difficult job at the best of times and cooped up at home with a baby or tot (or three of them), and possibly trying to ‘work from home’ at the same time is incredibly challenging. 

I enclose a sound recording from Lucy – a guided mediation for mother and baby, good for both.  

This poem for parents, to help you focus and breath.

Tonglen for Mothers

Tonglen is a Buddhist breathing practice

I breathe in the daily frustrations
small as they are, big as they can seem
I breath out patience for us all.

I breathe in the loneliness
of days spent mothering on our own
I breathe out connection
community, compassion.

I breathe in the brokenness
not being enough in the world
I breathe out wholeness
leaving ideals behind, truth.

I breathe in the boredom
diapers, cooking, same every day
I breathe out simple pleasure
swings, finger painting, rocks.

I breathe in the exhaustion,
the worry, the fear
I breathe out the calm energy, excitement.

I breathe in the rage
at your plight, your place, your life
I breathe out peace
contentment, courage.

– DeLona Campos-Davis

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