Different thoughts on Coronavirus

Different thoughts on Coronavirus

Some different thoughts on How to Deal with Coronavirus situation

Amid this growing Coronavirus crisis, some different thoughts on how to manage this difficult situation.

We have all heard the commonsense tips, such as washing hands and social distancing. These makes total sense when dealing with an infectious disease and very important.

The restrictions that we all been put under have many effects: 

The stress effect – When we are stressedthe immune system’s ability to fight off illness is reduced. The sympathetic nervous system responds, creating that “fight or flight” feeling. Stress is already a global epidemic and is a major factor for most of the world’s illnesses. So, while we are under so much more stress we need to find additional ways to protect us from this and care for ourselves. We need to look after ourselves first to make sure we can look after others when the need is there. Remember the instructions in the aeroplane put your oxygen mask on first.

Some Different Tips for Coronavirus to Strengthen Your Immune System. 

These tips are known to help with anxiety and depression.

Watch less news. The 24 x 7 onslaught of breaking news makes us feel more anxious about what may occur. We need to be informed but try to stay on top of the news in bite-size chunks. 

Breath work & Meditation. When we are stressed, we tend to have a shallow breath. This is part of the fight/flight response and creates a spiralling effect. The shallower we breath, the more panic and anxiety sets in. Focusing on the breath is a tried and true method of meditation. Count your inhale to 4, then exhale to 5.  This lengthening of the exhale will help you be more focused on the present moment and will automatically kick in the relaxation response.

Recognize the 90-second rule – Rather than fighting flashes of frustration, anxiety, or anger, sometimes it’s better just to sit with those feelings and accept them. Notice that they are present without judging or latching on to them. Instead, view them as if they were leaves floating on a stream, and they will likely pass naturally.

When someone has an emotional reaction to something in his or her environment, a chemical process in the body is activated that puts it on alert, but it lasts for only 90 seconds, according to neuroscientist Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D. After those 90 seconds have passed, any remaining emotional response stems from the person choosing, consciously or not, to stay in that emotional cycle. So just wait 90 seconds before you react.We ultimately can be empowered over our emotions, when we can choose to descend into a spiral or not.

Spend more time in nature – There are thousands of studies that show how nature improves health: physical, mental, and emotional. Spending time outside, especially among trees and plants, can have a very positive boost in well-being. Being outdoors helps trigger the parasympathetic nervous system, known as the relaxation response and helps us better cope with stress. 

But what about those of you who cannot get out? 

My suggestion for the home bound is to sit quietly with a view of nature. Sunlight and a view of a field or trees will help create a restorative experience.  No views? A You tube video of a rushing stream with natural sounds. Also look out of your windows at night and see the stars. Remember the wonder of nature, the daffodils are still coming up, the trees are still coming onto bud and the birds are still singing. Our earth is healing be glad. Hopefully we will come out of this with greater wisdom, gratitude and deeper appreciation and respect for life and the natural world.

Positivity. Try to keep positive and find a deep well of gratitude. Each day find think of and try and write down three things that you are grateful for, simple things you neighbour smiled at you, the buds are coming out on the trees, you were able to get food shopping. We can become more aware of simple things to grateful for in this exceptional time. It gets you thinking of good things in life. I know this can be so difficult in this time. I heard this suggestion from a young woman visiting India and each morning where she was working the gave thanks for what they had, they had so little but were still grateful every day, immensely humbling, so give it a try.   

Make a Plan – Discuss what you can do to protect yourself and the people you love. Make a plan and commit to it, then remind yourself that you are doing everything you can. Accept that reality, and that a perfect solution, is not possible in this context. Then, move on and focus on what else you can control in this world—your attitude and thinking patterns, your home environment, your work ethic, and how you take care of your Body, Mind and Spirits needs, day and night.

I am here to help support my patients as I can though these difficult time, until I can see you all face to face again contact – https://www.southwellacupuncture.co.uk/contact/

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