Spring is not Cancelled!

Spring is not Cancelled!

Today is the first day of Spring, not like any other year I have experienced. Spring will still happen nature will come to life and our earth WILL be healed. Maybe this is a message that we need to care for ourselves and our Earth with more love.

With a heavy heart yesterday I made the sad decision to temporary suspend treatment at my clinic, due to the importance of social distancing to slow the spread of the Coronavirus Pandemic. I will miss seeing all my lovely patients and helping you though your lives.

As it is not possible to treat with Traditional Five element Acupuncture remotely, so I will be writing and filming (first time for me!) blogs to encourage self-care and some self-acupressure to keep you going until I open my doors again. 

It is important to care for yourself Breath, Move, Love, and Eat well. While we can it is good to go out in the fresh air each day to breath and move. 

I will truly miss all my patients during this time. Though I intend to embrace the Qi (LifeForce) of Spring to plan and take charge.

I aim to use my time efficiently, study, take in nature, yoga, meditate, walk, read, sing, listen to music, watch films, connect with friends, pray, and organise my past study to more useable form – that is the plan anyway! Good to have a plan! To be fit and well in Body, Mind and Spirit to start my practice again, when the time is right.

Many people will be at home much more than they are used to, don’t just watch box sets (some ok!). You could set yourself a little timetable to plan your day eg some exercise at home, read, draw, dance, sing, go for a walk in nature, do something that usually don’t have time for even organising you clothes or cupboards draws can be so satisfying!

Take care and keep well.

To follow – understanding what your Causative Factor/Gaudian Element is and how this can help you understand yourself more. 

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