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British Acupuncture Council Conference 2019

British Acupuncture Council Conference 2019

Extraordinary  Get-Together

I was asked to write a review in the Acu magazine about  the BAcC Conference 2019 which I attend most years.

The Acu. stand at conference was a cracking spot to observe the movement of Qi as colleagues arrived, mingled, looked for their workshops, grabbed a drink and, best of all for us, came over to meet, chat and eat a homemade Acu. cookie. Connecting beyond the two-dimensional paper edition is always a boon! 

Here’s a taster of what they had to talk about, direct from a handful of delegates.

My bit!

Each year the BAcC conference team excel themselves, with international speakers travelling to share their knowledge.

Gladly we always have a few of our favourites too – what would a conference be without a bit of John and Angie. I have started to come on Fridays in the last few years to catch up with what is going on in BAcC office, plus some good talks too.

Beverly de Valois inspired me to write a case study (soon!), while Isobel Cosgrove and Sally Blades encouraged all to make mentoring and supervision part of our practice – I had a lovely chat at their stand to try and find someone to work with.

 I did both days with Hamid Montakab – psychological profiles, and head, eyes, ENT sleep pathologies. A very interesting and knowledgeable man and well worth the listen.

 David Hartmann’s talk on Qi Jing Ba Mai in the treatment of the heart shen seven emotions/qi qing was fascinating, and he kindly sent me a copy of the PowerPoint – a great reference for use in my practice.

 The new app the BAcC is working on, to collect information and research, sounds like a real way forward for encouraging more people to have treatment – I signed up to be involved.

 Great to catch up with a friend I trained with and spend a relaxing time in the jacuzzi!

 Really lovely to speak to lecturers over meals too – good to all come together, speaking our acupuncture language.

 Hannah Charles Member: Nottinghamshire

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