Pregnancy – Third Trimester

Pregnancy – Third Trimester

Pregnacy Your Third Trimester, Birth and Acupuncture

Recently I have treated  three ladies for infertility and they have all in their third trimester and given birth in the last couple of months.

Due to the fact that many ladies come for Traditional Five Element Acupuncture due to health problems that affect them getting pregnant. I therefore find I am caring for them through high risk pregnancies.

The third trimester can be a time of tiredness, insomnia, indigestion, anaemia, oedema, carpal tunnel and anxiety. All of which can be helped with Traditional Five Element Acupuncture.

Towards the end of pregnancy and approaching labour can be a anxious time and as I treat on the levels of Body, Mind and Spirit acupuncture treatment can be a great asset.

When there is more serious problems acupuncture can relax and support pregnant ladies. One lady with high blood pressure from before she was pregnant and PCOS. Glad to be pregnant though knew it would be challenge. I supported her through  her pregnancy helping her alongside her western medicine treatment and admission to hospital and early birth. She was poorly and had a lovely tiny baby Boy, she is recovering well and baby is growing.

Another Mum on her second child after having a rough time with sickness she bloomed through her third trimester, having a planned caesarean section due to past complications, and now recovering happily with her baby Girl.

My third lady last to give birth of the three worked very hard through the pregnancy not always resting! Ankles swelling as tell-tale signs, she developed high blood pressure – pre eclampsia so had an early birth but all well and she is recovering with baby Boy.

However your pregnancy goes acupuncture can help you through the ups and downs, the anxieties and the joys. To bring to the conclusion your lovely baby and help you recover from the birth and giving you the energy for early Motherhood.

And now I am back treating again at the beginning of a new pregnancys’,of more of my patients. I am privileged to be helping my patients through an exciting time of their life.

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